Will Mamata Banerjee Act? Minority citizen of West Bengal are going to be thrown out of Bangalore in the name of ‘illegal Bangladeshi immigrants‘ ?

Thubrahalli Crisis
Thubrahalli Crisis


Dwellers of a series of large slums located behind Tubarahalli bus stop near Whitefield, house over 10,000 people including women, children and old aged persons. The slums have been there for nearly 10 years, with the co-operation from landowner where landowners renting small houses for anywhere between Rs 2500 to Rs4,000 per month.

Most residents of this slum are minority citizens from West Bengal and Assam and working in unorganized sector like as a rag pickers, construction worker and women’s are working as domestic-help in nearby  apartments and houses. 

The ultimatum was issued on Friday during a visit by officials of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, local BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali , BBMP officials and police officials on visiting the slums they  has been demanded their eviction, stating that the slum-dwellers were ‘illegal Bangladeshi immigrants ‘ though they are holders of documents like Aadhar card, Ration card and Voter’s id, which can be obtained only by a citizen of India!!!

They have been given time till Monday to vacate their temporary shed-like structures,  which is causing grave distress to the slum-dwellers and deterioration of their already abysmal living conditions.

However, police officials said there was no conclusive proof that there were illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

When our source went to BMC or Local police both passing the ball to the other and trying to down play the incident. 

Thousands of poor kids and families from minority back ground are standing under dark to loose their shelter in this chilly winter. Illegal immigrants and anti India elements must be out of India but not at the cost of common poor Indian citizens.

This is high time Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and cabinet must raise a protest with all sections if legitimate Bengalis are harassed in the name of Bangladeshi. 

Local activist and social groups already raised protest but no one is paying attention for these poors. Land sharks and local political fractions are active to churn out benefits from this lands in future.They do not mind to take away people’s right to the fundamental rights of Indian constitution.

Report and Photo: Moinul Hasan