6 December,2018,Kolkata: Singing whistling has always been considered to be one of the toughest forms of music where the whistler has to maintain the scale and musical score and has to perform along with several other instruments. Tarun Goswami who got initial training in whistling  from Salil Chowdhury, is the only whistler in eastern India. 

Whistling  is a rare form of art. In remote past whistling was used for communication. In Madrid University whistling is taught as one of  the subjects of music. But whistling an entire song  maintaining scale is a tough job and it becomes tougher when accompanied by  instruments like  the tabla, mandolin, guitar  and piano accordion. Tarun Goswami, a fellow of the American School of Whistling is a trained whistler who has been performing for quite some time. Madhurdwani celebrated  a solo whistling show titled  

Matir Gaan Shisdhwanitey through singing whistling by Tarun 

Goswami at  Shishir Mancha recentlyIt featured many of all time hits from the popular Indian folk music scene Songs like  Dhonyo Dhonyo Boli Tare, Gramer Naujawan, Sadher Lau, Kotoi Rango Dekhi Duniyay , Sohag Chand Bodoni Dhwani, Bandhu Teen Din Tor Barite Gelam and so on. Tunes which stand for simplistic approach through its melody, orchestration. Good compositions do not related with any specific time span and this musical extravaganza will showcase some of the sweet, versatile composition that Indian popular music scene has witnessed till date. A high range of  melodies related to folk songs covering a high range of variety would be performed by Tarun.

Singing whistling is a very unusual form of performing art which has tremendous potential and if school children are encouraged then we can have a band of good musicians in a decade. Also, it helps to overcome diseases related to respiratory distress. As for Tarun, ” Salil Chowdhury, V.Balsara all are my lifetime inspiration. Salilda once told me if a song can be rendered then the same can be articulate onwhistling. It needs a lots of hard work. Performing a song in a live concert and whistling the same song are not the same.”