Sheikh Hasina the Iron Lady with passionate heart for her people

Why the people of Bangladesh need Sheikh Hasina
Why the people of Bangladesh need Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the fourth time after her Awami League’s landslide victory in the recent elections. President Abdul Hamid administered the oath to Hasina on Monday (January 7) at 3 pm at the Durbar Hall of Bangabhaban.

Most of the old ministers are not part of the new cabinet which will be lead by her consisting of 24 ministers, 19 ministers of state and three state ministers. Her cabinet mostly includes new faces. Thirty-one members of the new cabinet made maiden entry to the ministerial berth.

Bangladesh Parliament
Bangladesh Parliament

Bangabandu’s legacy as the undisputed man behind the Bangladesh has been successfully taken forward by her able daughter Sheikh Hasina. The Iron Lady with golden heart for her people and citizen of Bangladesh. Dynasty politics is not always bad if you have able administrators and peoples man attitude with your DNA. Exactly Hasina madam put that forward despite being the first family of Bangladesh politics she gave the opportunity to the new leaders to join her cabinet.

When the tenure of this government gets over, Sheikh Hasina will receive recognition as the prime minister, who ruled the country for two decades. Sheikh Hasina was first elected prime minister in 1996 and then again in 2008 and 2014.

On December 29, 2008, the Awami League-led grand alliance won the supreme majority in the 9th parliamentary elections and Sheikh Hasina assumed the position of prime minister on January 6, 2009.

Then on January 5, 2014, the alliance won the 10th parliamentary election and on January 12, she took oath as the prime minister for the third time.

On December 30, Hasina won the 11th parliamentary elections with a landslide victory even as the Opposition rejected the “farcical” polls marred by violence that claimed 17 lives, making it one of the deadliest polls in the country’s history.

We predicted 275+ seat will be for Awami League and her alliance this time and that came true with 288 seats in present parliament.

Sheikh Hasina led the historic mass movements of the ’90s, and in December 1990, the autocratic dictator General Ershad was forced to resign. But same Ershad called her sister Hasina in this election that is the strong quality shows how to win hearts of the enemy even.

Wining an election is not a big deal but developing a nation is a bigger challenge and exactly that is the yardstick where Hasina may be little ahead of her legendary father, well even Bangabandhu feel proud for her as a developer of the nation in all aspect.

Bangladesh will be ever in debt to her for institutionalizing the dream of Bangabandhu on the ground and earning a respect from the world for each Green Passport holders.

Soon we will see even better and stronger Bangladesh as with absolute majority in the house no development work will be strolled by the vested interest groups.

The way President Obama said after second term win “The Best is yet to come” we are sure of the same from Sheikh Hasina and her team, it’s a new beginning for her and Bangladesh as a whole.