Gift Your Loved One An Ecstatic Flavour From Oh Cha!

Heart Shaped Tea Infuser
Heart Shaped Tea Infuser

This Valentine’s Day, Gift Your Loved One An Ecstatic Flavour From Oh Cha!

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, Oh Cha is here to make sure that health and happiness are just a brew awaywith a flavour specially curated for you!

Expect to find familiar flavours with an unconventionaland playful twist. Indulge in a cup of delicious Red Velvet Tea made with cocoa nibs, vanilla, rose petals, coconut flakes and premium tea. This scrumptious and mouth-watering flavour topped to madness, is perfect to make this day more interesting and exhilarating. As a bonus, you have the option taking home a heart shaped tea infuser, an additional way to celebrate your love.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the most refreshing yet flavorsome tea from Oh Cha that will leave you craving for more!

The Oh Cha range of flavoured tea is available for Rs. 250-300/tin on their official Oh Cha Webpage and various platforms such as Propshop24, Amazon, Style Salad, Giftonaand Scootsy. It is also available in the Twigs & Tales Store in Kolkata.  Oh Cha Webpage