“Save patients, save their pockets with minimum hospital-stay,” NRI Dr. Atluri revolutionizes healthcare

Dr.Yamini Atluri, a US-based NRI doctor working at Spectrum Health Medical Group in Michigan
Dr.Yamini Atluri, a US-based NRI doctor working at Spectrum Health Medical Group in Michigan

“Save patients, save their pockets with minimum hospital-stay,” NRI Dr. Atluri revolutionizes healthcare 


At a time when most private sector healthcare institutes in Kolkata as well other metro cities in the country make brisk business virtually forcing patients to stay in hospitals’ beds or intensive care units (ICUs) for days it’s Dr Yamini Atluri, a US-based NRI physician is leading a pioneering role making ailing people cured with a minimum a hospital-stay of two or three days. 

Dr Atluri’s healthcare treatment has also made patients in Michigan happy who used to cough up additional bucks from their pockets for unnecessary stay in hospitals for long period.

“I relate very easily to the hospitalized patients, who have enormous logistic challenges beyond the immediate health issues”, said Dr. Atluri, a medical graduate from Vishakhapatnam Medical College, close to the beautiful Araku valley, a prominent tourist destination in the world.

Currently, she is a hospitalist with lead activities on many Committees like the Physician Advisory Committee at the Spectrum Health Medical Group in Grand Rapids, on the east coast of Lake Michigan.

Much like the ISO9000 principles of safety practiced in the Vizag Steel Plant, Dr. Atluri is obsessed on improvement of patients’ health and ensure a reasonable amount of health recovery prior to discharges.

At this time of global economic crisis this surely has immediate impact, including its long- term sequence on reduction of immediate hospital readmissions, a major cost issue for healthcare in any nation, the felt. 

She is currently leading a new ambitious project, which aims to substantially reduce the mortality of patients with delirium, she observed. 

“I know it’s a lengthy challenge but achievable. My goal is to save both patients and their pockets by decreasing the length of hospital stay in this cohort from an average of greater than ten days to about three to five days,” Dr Atluri added. 

Dr. Atluri encourages family visits for hospitalized patients, both on the floors and in the ICU. She explains, “This considerably reduces patient stress, leading to enhanced cognitive recovery.”

With regular changes in medical treatment procedures time has also come for reforms in medical education system, according to her who is also a core faculty of the Residency training programme at Spectrum Health.

Creating the training programme has mobilised the young interns of the hospital. “It has helped everyone, not just the hospital but also the community a lot,” Dr Atluri, a robust advocate of research training, felt.

She has published many abstracts along with her residents in the American College of Physicians (ACP) annual meeting on topics of wide range of conditions affecting hospital patients including those with upper limb deep vein thrombosis (DVT). 
Geriatric care is also one of the main issues relating to medical services. In India, metro cities elderly patients face severe trouble to get timely and proper treatment. 

Dr Atluri has leveraged technology to raise health literacy using internet. Unlike many other geriatricians who prefer to do more outpatient work, she believes aher skills are also best suited for impatient setting. 

She has also focused the important issue of building up relationship between her team members and patients for better sharing of ailments of the latter for proper care and treatment.

She has developed coordination with the multidisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists and nurses to target patients through an initiative that built upon the printed medication list at discharge to improve medication adherence among frequently admitted heart failure and COPD patients. 

Thus, her efforts have direct impact on reduction of emergency room workload making an impact on active learning principles for medication compliance and adherence, including using healthcare apps like My Meds that is truly remarkable, and deserves accolades without any ado. 

Dr. Atluri has brought about pioneering concepts in using machine learning to enhance disease screening.