Mumuso & Shabdabaaji organised “Hate Khori”

Mumuso & Shabdabaaji organised
Mumuso & Shabdabaaji organised "Hate Khori"

Mumuso & Shabdabaaji organised “Hate Khori”

An initiative to celebrate Saraswati Puja with the kids

Global Most Trusted and Admired, Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Mumuso, celebrated Saraswati Puja with the patrons by performing a noble ritual of Hate Khori for the kids in association with Shabdabaaji –a Bengali Word Games designed and developed by RJ Roy and team

·         Mumuso is currently present in 30 countries and its products are manufactured in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. It is a one stop destination whose offerings include accessories, stationery, small electronics and lifestyle items

Kolkata,9 February 2019: Global Most Trusted, Admired, Affordable Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Mumuso, celebrated unique, noble “Hate Khori” Campaign with the kids in association with Shabdabaaji. Mumuso organized Hate Khori, a popular celebration in West Bengal where little children of the age of three or four are made to perform a ritual of writing the first letters of the alphabet.

It is a first of its kind initiative to celebrate Saraswati Puja with the patrons in Kolkata. Mr. Aroop Biswas, Minister of WB, Mr. P.C. Sorcar Jr, Magician, Mr. Anindya Chatterjee, Singer, RJ Roy from Shabdabaaji and Mr. Tapan Dasgupta, Chairman of Golf Green Pujo Committee along with Mr. Raunak Agarwal, Managing Director, Mumuso India and Mr. Anirban Kundu, Marketing Head, Mumuso India were present to grace the occasion.

Since the Puja holds special significance and is considered an auspicious day to start anything related to learning, Mumuso is proud to take this initiative to introduce young children to the world of education on that special day.

Mumuso India — the Indian entity of Mumuso —whose offerings include accessories, stationery, small electronics and lifestyle items, sources these mostly from South Asian nations such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Korea. Mumuso entered the Indian market in September this year with its first store in Kolkata. India has seen a sharp rise in the demand for lifestyle products in the recent years. Mumuso has product categories from Health and Beauty, Fashion Home Accessories to Apparel Accessories, Digital Products and more. The products offered by the brand are not only beautiful, functional, high-quality and affordable but also provides relaxing and pleasant shopping experience to the customer. With a strong presence in over 30 countries across the world, the Global lifestyle brand Mumuso has entered into the Indian Market and plans to open around 300+ Stores by 2022 with an average of 80L to 1.2 crore which will be spent towards setting up these company-owned and franchise stores. The brand is planning to open outlets pan India.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raunak Agarwal, Managing Director, Mumuso India said, “We are very excited to celebrate this unique initiative to create awareness about education and celebrate Saraswati Puja with the kids. Our Organisation believes that Social Responsibility should not be limited to just words. We must promote different social initiative for the betterment of the society. We are very happy that Mumuso has become a part of daily life of our patrons. From education to lifestyle, from household to corporate products, Mumuso is present everywhere. There has been a high demand for the trendy and affordable products as far as lifestyle is concerned.  People not only look forward to quality and style but also affordability. With Mumuso coming into the picture, people won’t have to travel to different stores for their needs, but just walk into our showroom and get their products. Mumuso brand always adheres to the principle of selling products with reliable quality and affordable price, strictly observes to the borderline of high quality, strives to improve the upper limit of taste and price ratio and provides well-designed products, continuously optimizes the supply chain service system to reduce the cost, creating relaxing and light-hearted shopping experiences for consumers. We believe Life starts with MUMUSO, so as this too.”

About MUMUSO: Mumuso is a brand focusing on selling products with fashionable and trendy design. The brand is committed to selling products with reliable quality and affordable price as well as bringing the idea of “easy life” to people. MUMUSO has set up its brand operation center in the world’s largest manufacturing country and the world’s “fashion capital” –Shanghai·China. Relying on the strong retail selling background, integrating global independent designers and high-quality supply chain resources, depending on strong product development capability and efficient logistics ecology, we have gradually made a way of international business after repeatedly persistent attempts.

In the future, Mumuso will continue to adhere to the principle of selling high-quality products, integrate global fashion with our products design together, and strive to create a complete industrial chain with design as the core, move towards the great goal of “where there are young people, there is MUMUSO”. Mumuso is aimed to bring our young consumers an easy, simple and funny shopping experience and lifestyle through the allegation of “Enjoy the Life”.

About SHABDABAAJI: In quest of Bengali games that are equivalent to Scrabble, Jumbled, Anagrams the most innovative and conceptual Bengali Word Games designed and developed by RJ Roy and team in the year 2000. They have started their first radio show in the year 2010 in a show called ‘Mone Roy’ at Radio One where they have started playing these games with listeners. Slowly but steadily, people started liking it and now there is an app also on – Shabdabaaji too. The main aim is to keep the Bengali language authentic and thriving so that years down the line, no one reads a classic piece of Bengali literature in English. For more details visit –