Ajmal Perfumes to enter Kolkata The launch to witness the opening of two new outlets

Ajmal Perfumes
Ajmal Perfumes

Homegrown legendary perfume house, Ajmal Perfumes to enter Kolkata The launch to witness the opening of two new outlets

March 07, 2019, Kolkata:Ajmal Perfumes founded in 1951, the leading homegrown perfume house is all set to mark its foray in Kolkata with a phase wise launch of two new outlets at Acropolis; land Avani Riverside Mall. Globally known for its wide range of perfumes, Ajmal has been crafting memories for over six decades. From floriental tofougere to oriental, some of the best fragrances will now be accessible to people of Kolkata. With stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Calicut, Kochi, Lucknow and Mangalore, the company is now taking strides to create its mark in Eastern India.

This is the first occasion where Ajmal will be retailing its enchanting range of luxurious perfumes through these new concept outlets in Kolkata thus catering to its growing clientele and essence aficionados of the East. Currently, the brand is present in 45 countries with 250 Company-owned stores.
Commenting on the new store, Mr. Abdulla Ajmal, Consultant Perfumer — Ajmal & Sons, India said,”Perfumes and essence personify one’s personality. Over the years, Ajmal Perfumes has grown from a modest trading house into an international corporate entity. As a brand with a rich heritage and legacy in the intricate art of perfumery, we try to blend in everlasting memories in each of our bottles. Kolkata is rich in tradition and culture and we believe we have the products that will appeal to their exquisite taste palette.After the resounding success of Evoke Gold edition, we decided to launch our latest “Aristocrat her“which we believe will do extremely well in the Kolkata market.”

On the store design,Mr. Saurav Bhattacharya- President Operations at Ajmal & Sons said,- “These are open format outlets where one can experience various fragrances and get a chance to interact with our perfumes. These outlets will be a great way to increase consumer engagement and build new relationships with consumers.”
With over 300 products to its name, Ajmal’s USP is innovation, knowledge about the industry and above all heritage and expertise.Ajmal is more than a commercial establishment — a Company with humanity and sustainability at its’s core as envisioned by its founding father the Late Haji Ajmal Ali. Steered by the passion of the third and fourth, generation of family members, Ajmal perfumes aims to open 100 more outlets in the next, two years.

By Indrajit Mitra