RBU’s Teachers’ Annual Exhibition

RBU's Teachers' Annual Exhibition (19.3.2019 to 24.3.2019)
RBU's Teachers' Annual Exhibition (19.3.2019 to 24.3.2019)

Kolkata, March 19, 2019: PROPOSITIONS, 2019 – the 6-day Teachers’ Annual Exhibition of the Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University was inaugurated at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture here today by Prof. Bidyut Chakraborty, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan in the presence of Prof. Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. The Chief Guest at the inauguration was the eminent artist and academician, Shri Ganesh Haloi.

Also present at the inauguration were Dr. Subir Maitra, Registrar, Rabindra Bharati University and Prof. Aditya Prasad Mitra, Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University.

The Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, is the youngest of all art institutions of Bengal. Since its emergence in 1972, the Faculty has been in a continuous act of defining its artistic and visual art oriented academic pursuits.

Initially, only the Department of Painting constituted the Faculty. Later, during the early 1980s, the Faculty branched itself to five departments. The Departments of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics-Printmaking, Applied Art and History of Arts laid out the foundation of specialization. This created scopes for extensive studies on definite fields and expressions of art. Specialization lays emphasis on understanding visual art essentially as a form of language. It is needless to mention here that specialization not necessarily segregates individual practitioners. Instead, the departments complement each other in establishing what we often refer to an interdisciplinary approach. The relevance and significance of the Faculty remain in this approach. Later, the inclusion of the Department of Museology and Museum Studies within the Faculty of Visual Arts further reclaims the necessity of expanding horizons of artistic knowledge and integration of varied experiences of knowledge.

Individuals came to the Faculty as teachers from established institutional artistic genres, resulting in a confluence of ideas and expressions. This has been through a process of reconciliation between the time-proven teaching methods of these institutions with concrete historical backgrounds. The most visible of these genres have been the colonial academic structure, the nationalist approach, and the post-independence modernist Indian module. Reflections of exposure to contemporary world art could also be seen in the academic outcome. The consequent system of liberal art education, therefore, tries to build up a democratic language of artistic cultivation through a process of continuous self-examining and critique. This exhibition bears testimony of all these facts in laying out an independent language of its own.

The institution has come to a full circle in the sense that today a section of the Faculty is formed by the alumni. The Faculty, with a capacity of 17 full-time teachers and approximately 300 students, is involved in various activities as the annual students’ exhibition, the teachers’ exhibition, the Aban Mela, the annual art fair, the annual workshop, seminars and special lectures apart from the day-to-day academic drilling.

This exhibition is one of the major reflections of the Faculty’s entire pursuit. We take this opportunity to thank the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor for his support. We would also to thank the Birla Academy of Art and Culture for providing us with the exhibition space. Finally we congratulate the participating artists.


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