Tollywood back with a Indo-Bangladesh joint venture – “Tui Amar Rani”

Cast crew of
Cast crew of "Tui Amar Rani"

Bengali flick “Tui Amar Rani” It ’s an Indo – Bangladesh Joint Venture movie, which is directed by producer turned director Pijush Saha who has done aa popular movie like  Satrur Mukabela, Kartabya, One of the blockbuster hits Tulkalam, Baajimat, Kellafate, Bajimaat, Raju Uncle, Beparoyaa. He is also known as the star maker of Bengali film industry.

The movie “Tui Amar Rani” is about on very sensitive issue ‘Child marriage’ It is a burning issue in India since ages. Though Government is trying to address this issue , We as an Entertainer should also spread the awareness in our work of arts with simple entertainment. Tui Amar Rani is content-based commercial film. It has suspense, love, action, drama with a social message – all the ingredients of a commercial potboiler. Surya (SuryaRubel made his debut in Pijush Saha’s             earlier film Beparoyaa.) Misty Zannat (BANGLADESH) has shared the screen with Legends like Rajesh Sharma, Supriyo Dutta, Lama Halder.

Music is given by INDRA , (Indra made his debut as a Music Director in Pijush Saha’s earlier film Beparoyaa.) Singers Raj Barman , Porshia Sen , Joell Mukherjee , Aritra Banerjee has lent their voice.

Movie has been shot in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangladesh.