Pratham Singh the Star of Syed Mustaq Ali Tournament 2019

Pratham Singh the Star of Syed Mustaq Ali Tournament 2019
Pratham Singh the Star of Syed Mustaq Ali Tournament 2019

Star of Syed Mustaq Ali Tournament 2019 – Pratham Singh.

Cricket love is never ending love in India we all know that and to play in Indian is the dream of every young cricketer. Recently in Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament one young player came into limelight with his fabulous batting in tough pitches not only he shown maturity in his batting but sheer power o hitting which remember us Yuvraj Singh and Australian Mathew Hayden now you might be thinking why both lefties because the player who catches the eyes of all in this tournament is lanky lefty hard hitter of the ball Pratham Singh. He was murdering the ball with his power all around the ground.

2019 Purple Patch: Pratham Singh scored four consecutive 50’s in the tournament against the good bowling attacks. He is in a purple patch of his career. Surely selectors are watching his form and hunger to bat in any circumstances with consistency. He was the third highest run-getter in the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament 2019.

Indian Matthew Hayden Pratham Singh: If he gets a chance to play for India than surely he can do good for Indian team with the batting style he can be fit in any batting position opening he can be next Ganguly or say net Indian Matthew Hayden or fill the spot of Yuvraj Singh and Raina who use to help team in crucial situation.

We need a player like Pratham Singh who can bat hard and destroy oppositions bowling. He is an extremely talented batsman who can do really well if he gets the chance to prove himself.

Early Life: Pratham Singh born on 31 Aug 1992 he has grown in Delhi in a very good family. He has done engineering. He started to play cricket at the age of 11. He loves to travel around the world explore beautiful places of the world which can be seen in his Instagram pictures (Insta- Pratham Singhh). He has the looks too.

Surely he will be next Indian cricketer after Kohli who will be the heartthrob of the nation. He got the style looks and he is also an amazing batsman and by the way, Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly are his cricketing idol.

Sourav Ganguly an Virat Kohli are his favourite players. Pratham Singh’s favourite shot is hook shot. So if any bowlers reading this don’t bowl him there else’s you will find the bowl out of the park.

Actually, when I show him batting I felt like he is Indian Matthew Hayden because he was smashing the fasters and spinners with his power on tough pitches. I show a pure dominance which I haven’t seen from a long time in Indian cricket.

2018-19 Ranji season he scored lovely 95 runs against a champion team of Vidarbha it was a turning pitch of Delhi.  He scored 73 against Maharashtra in his Ranji Debut and 50 in Vijay Hazare debut so he has shown his impact in each season of Indian county against all the teams. And recently in Syed Mushtaq Ali, he was in his prime form (see the stats in bcci tv).

All the Best Pratham Singh: His life motto is simple to work hard to keep pushing yourself and leave rest to God and try to bring positive changes in other life an society. Looking to his form surely many teams like RCB would have selected him than RCB’s fortune would have changed in 2019 IPL. Next year surely we will see him in IPL and may be in the Indian team in the near future. We wish all the best to lanky batsman for a bright future.