Meet Naseer Khan the collector of Supercars

Meet Naseer Khan the collector of Supercars
Meet Naseer Khan the collector of Supercars

Meet Naseer Khan the collector of Supercars

Everyone has one unique hobby.

Different people different hobbies, sports, traveling, books, nature, a very few can take their art of collection to the next level, and Hyderabad has one unique collector which is famous for his precious collection.

Naseer Khan is a known face in Hyderabad for his collection of super-cars. Bentley, Aventador you name any super-car he has that car in his garage. This young lad is having all the super beast cars of the planet in his collection; his parking is full of chic wheels.

Hyderabad is lucky to have car collector like Naseer Khan who is showing them some super-cars on Hyderabad roads. People are always eager to see which car will he bring on the way. Will it be Aventador, Ferrari488, Ferrari812, Aventador S, Huracan, G63AMG, Rolls Royce, or Bentley? Uff, what a collection. Surely Naseer has a super taste of cars. He is having all the prime cars in his pocket.

He likes to spend money on his toys, and he has always been in the news by introducing new cars in Hyderabad. His love for cars is from his childhood; He has got this thing in his family. This super-rich family of Hyderabad has always been the talk of the town for their unique collection of cars from many years.

Naseer likes to feel the car, and he knows every bit of supercars technology and what’s new in the market everything. He also appreciates super-car creators, and he feels they are the ultimate creators and influential minds who produce such beautiful pieces and present to the world for enjoyment and luxury.

Does it look like he wears the cloth according to the car, isn’t it? He is seriously crazy about wheels, and I have a question here which car is his favorite?

I hate to see Lamborghini sat in the garage with dust on it, and it’s good to know that Naseer Khan likes to drive these super beasts on Hyderabad roads. Not lousy parking to have with all the rarest cars in it.

Well, we wish to see that your love for cars remains the same so that Hyderabad can see some classic on their paths. Keep your passion alive for vehicles. It is motivating many people in social media.