Mannu Aka MD Desi kalakar making Haryana proud with his singing

Mannu Aka MD Desi kalakar
Mannu Aka MD Desi kalakar

Mannu Aka MD Desi kalakar making Haryana proud with his singing.

Mannu Davan, a pure desi kalakar (singer artist) is making a massive buzz in northwestern India to central India with his singing. Born and brought in Haryana, Gurugram got inspiration by watching TV and singers popularity. He made up his mind in school time that he will become a singer in the future. 

MD aka Mannu Davan completed ITI diploma and started a job in Honda company, as his family was strictly against this singing and all, as they were right because India is not a comfortable place to become, so they were thinking right for Mannu. But they were not aware of Mann’s extraordinary talent. 

Mannu gathered money while he was doing the job and invested all his money in producing his songs, and luckily, his daring went on his side as all his songs got huge recognization in 2008-09. 

2009 was a life-changing year for Mannu aka Md; he got his partner who is passionate like him called KD kulbir, who is a rapper and writer. They become close friends in no time, and they both started to work together as a team, and from that time there is no looking back for Mannu, his career graph has shown only upward trend after 2009.

Mannu has sung many songs in the past few years, his demand growing day by day with his popularity, and he is also getting offers of grand stage shows worldwide from the previous few years. Everything has changed in his life, but his way of living and his down to earth personality is just the same. It feels like stardom has nothing to do with his routine life, he lives his normal with his friends and family which he used to live from his childhood, this is why this guy is a different and great human being by nature.

Mannu’s song “Desi Desi kya boletu.” is a viral song, which is a super duper hit and worked all over India in apps and every show.  What makes Mannu’s songs different from other Haryanvi singer is that he invest lots of money in direction and picture quality, he has set a new standard in Haryana for albums, all of his songs are not only good to hear, but they are also visually cool.

We hope Mannu aka MD our desi kalakar keep growing in his life and make India proud with his singing.