Five Interesting and unknown things about Indian Digital Phenomena-Vikram Sambyal

Vikram Sambyal
Vikram Sambyal

Five Interesting and unknown things about Indian Digital Phenomena-Vikram Sambyal

Vikram Sambyal name comes in India’s top Digital Entrepreneur under 30, and he has worked for 100 of companies till now in a short period, which speaks a lot about his talent, Not only companies he has also done promotional activities for B-town celebrities of India.

You know the best thing being in any business is that you want to see faces who has set landmarks and example to others to join the same field and inspiration to many. Vikram Sambyal has done something similar in a short time he has established and a milestone in digital marketing at a very young age, which is an inspiration for many. Kudos champ India need Digital experts in the 21st century to bring India forward and at the top with entrepreneurs like Vikram Sambyal.

This successful Entrepreneur journey was not comfortable. He has struggled a lot in his life, and he has achieved these things with lots of hard work and passion for making it big in Digital Marketing.

He likes to meet people around the world, Digital geeks like him who are pros in this business. Vikram Sambyal believes for him result matters for his clients; he doesn’t want to see himself in the weaker list of Digital Marketers, He continually comes with new ideas for this business which makes him way ahead from other Digital Marketers in India. He is already a respectful personality at a young age in the Digital World, which is fantastic. Vikram Sambyal is the topmost social media influencer from India.

Let us see five unknown facts about Vikram Sambyal, aka Nik Rajput.

1.)  Vikram Sambyal is not from Gurgaon; he is born a brought fro Jammu.

2.)  Vikram Sambyal loves travelling around the world explore new places, learn new things from different areas were he goes. He has visited places like Dubai, Bangkok, and entire India. His dream is to see every beautiful place in the world.

3.)  Vikram Sambyal is a fitness freak, he is a strong man, with super physique, which is rare in IT field, you see most of IT people will be fat but Vikram something different from others.

4.) He wants to remain, lifetime student, he feels there are so many things in this world which we don’t know, so never be overconfident in the life, always try to innovate new ideas, especially in IT & digital marketing.

5.)  He loves sports- cricket, Volleyball and badminton are his favourite game.

So, these were some of the exciting and unknown things of Digital Marketing guru Vikram Sambyal aka Nik Rajput.