Adnaan Shaikh the next gen social media influencer of India

Adnaan Shaikh
Adnaan Shaikh

Adnaan Shaikh the next gen social media influencer of India.

Life is never the same, and you never know what time has saved for you and your future — a boy called Adnaan Shaikh, who’s from Dharavi, which is the world largest slum area. Adnan Shaikh and TIK TOK / Musically star who got fame from this app. Right now his popularity comes in the top 10 in India in Musically. Which shows how many people around India follow him and love him.

Adnaan comes from low-income family; actually, his story is like rages to riches type. As we say, God is always kind to skill and talented people, and they get what they deserve. Same story suits to Adnan if you listen to his story you will get goosebumps by listening to his struggle which he has done for work, studies and everything.

A small boy from Dharavi never dreamed in his life that he would get this much fame in his life. Right now he comes in top 10 social media influencer of India, he has got end number of diehard fans in Musically and Instagram, in Instagram this guy has more than 2.6m followers, that is not a number of any B-TOWN or Sports or business personality that number is of our  superstar of social media Adnaan Shaikh. 

He is just in his 20’s no background in B-town all he has got all thanks to his ability and TIKTOK / MUSICALLY. Adnaan Shaikh dates are full for few months he will be busy in different projects in near futures adds, songs and also he is taking participation in events with all the big B-town stars.

There is good news for Adnaan fans; he is going to come in the social initiative in Mumbai. It is related to world environment day on 5th June in this event many superstars from various fields are taking part in it, and guess what Adnan 07 team is the only team selected from social media for this cause, which shows his popularity as an influencer from social media.

Adnaan has never bogged down against odds, he has always taken things with good spirit, work hard and done many different things to come to this stage in his life and surely his parents too will be proud of his popularity. Adnan is a true inspiration for many youngsters, and his life story passes the right message, of believing in yourself, love what you do never lose hope in life.