Hasnain Khan is making way to B-Town

Hasnain Khan
Hasnain Khan

Hasnain Khan, who is gifted with many skills, is making way to B-Town.

The social media platform is changing the trend in India and giving amazing young talent who are just mind-blowing in every department and can easily set in B-town in ads, movies, videos and more.

TIK TOK / MUSICALLY or Vigo videos and many more have changed the pattern of popularity in India, and you don’t know who will be the next superstar of tomorrow with a mind-boggling fan following in just single video. 

Hasnain Khan we all know a famous social media celebrity who is renowned for his acting from the past year or two and already a brand ambassador of brands in a short time. It shows the power of social media, which is changing many lives in India and giving them a platform to prove themselves.

Hasnain Khan is already having a mind-boggling fan following in a short time, everything looks so simple and easy, but people do not see the work behind their videos. They plan for days to make a good video, the latest Android or iPhone Mobile, locations, gadgets, and most important thing is acting skills in the right direction. Hasnain Khan and his team 07 is master of making short videos, and because of that, they are widely popular not only in India but abroad.

Hasnain Khan is also a Brand Ambassador of something variant, and you will be shocked with his fan following on Instagram and Musically. Visit his Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/hasnaink07/)  to see his fan following and his daily posts, which are superb, and he always comes up with something new for his fans.

As he became famous, he also started P.R. work which is running exceptionally well for him he has done the job for many renowned singers in short time. Some famous singers and Musicians A.R.Rehman, Madhav Mahajan, Darshan Raval, Mika Singh, Shaan, Shreya Ghosal, Garry Sandhu, Ankit Tiwari, Ramji Gulati and many more. It shows his extraordinary talent other than acting. 

Hasnain Khan’s skills are going to take him a long way in B-Town. With many options open for him first will surely be acting as Actor in Reputated House like Dharma Productions, Yashraj Production and many more and second option can be P.R. work which is already helping him grow faster in B-Town, and meet the best in the B-town with his work.