Appeal to our Honourable Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee from a Doctor, a Father and a Citizen

Medical Education
Medical Education

Appeal to our Honourable Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee from a Doctor, a Father, and a Citizen

Dr. Ramesh Agarwalla, Expert in GI & Minimal Access Surgery, Kolkata

Your name has Ma which means mother and also Mamta means kindness. We the medical fraternity and the common man need both the attributes in your name

Please remove certain falsehoods
1. We are not outsiders

2.We do not treat by surname

3.We do not belong to any political party

4. We are only dedicated to our patients because they are our annadata and our goodwill ambassadors and will never think of doing any harm to them.

5. You keep on threatening to throw the junior doctors out of the hostel, increasing their internship to 2 years, and invoking ESMA. There is no MA or Mamta in this

6. The junior doctors never promised to meet you at Nabanna. They said they would let you know after their GB meeting. Your contention that they made you wait is false

7.You said that you have met all the demands but that is not a ground reality

8.Attacks on doctors continue

9.There is no obvious increase in security measures

10. There were 200 goons but you have only managed to arrest 5 of them and also not given their details, and whether they were at all related to the incident or not.

11. You have time to visit injured political workers but you do not have time to see the injured doctors.

12. Please do not compare us with policeman and firemen. This is like comparing apple with oranges. Being injured during their call of duty is their professional hazards. Our professional hazards are to get infected with HIV and hepatitis B and not to be beaten up

Simple prescription to end this crisis

We are suffering because we cannot see the suffering of our patients but are unable to serve them with a bruised body and mind
1. Please arrest the actual culprits and give them exemplary punishment
2. Give a statement that you will not tolerate violence against doctors and will give exemplary punishment if anyone indulges in it
3.Empower the police and increase security measures in the form of more policeman, CCTV
4.Meet the injured doctors
5.Meet the agitating doctors and listen to them
I hope the Ma and Mamta in you will awaken. You are the CM of not only your party but also the medical fraternity and the ailing patients.