Long Live Doctors Patient Unity – Long Live Humanity

NRS Doctos Protest
NRS Doctos Protest

A WhatsApp message By Dr. Bhaskar Narayan Chaudhuri which summarizes the big revolution from a doctor’s point of view.

“Salute to our junior friends for taking the week-long mass movement to the stature of a revolution that history and humanity will remember for long. The way you united the doctors, the way you kept your calm, composure and integrity in front of the mighty administration is commendable and worth emulating.

You are an epitome of humility, composure, and learning, a role model for the medical community of the entire country. The magical transformation of the doctors from “Bahiragato” (outsiders) to “Lakkhi Chhele” (good boys) in a matter of four days is itself a great achievement, which kindles the hope of our profession being considered noble again.

You brought out gently yet firmly the deficiencies in the healthcare system and the challenges of the doctors, and the general public saw it live (another brave achievement), understanding the plight of the medical professionals and the difficult conditions they have to work in. Issues like security and infrastructure may not be resolved quickly, but, nevertheless, it was a good start for a better future for the medical community and the patients.

And, the climax of the discussion was the humble yet bold declaration by Archisman that doctors never treat their patients by looking at their surnames. Bravo, juniors, bravo! Hats off to you! Long live Doctors’ Unity!”

Editors Note :

After a long time, perhaps Mahamati Ghokle is happy for his comment on Bengal, “What Bengal thinks today, India Thinks Tomorrow”.

Yes, this one protest brings the new blood in the system of age-old “give and take” and takes the world to demonstrate that with strong will force and determination anyone can win over the powerful influences at any stage. It also proved that in democracy collective bargain is the ultimate stand if it is pro-community.

We are proud of the patients also who suffered but stood by their “Doctor Babus” and protested against goons and government for inaction most of them are from a poor community, not the so-called inactive “Intellectuals”. This win is Doctor-Patient unity and mutual respect. Hope the signal is loud and clear to political masters “Don’t take us for granted” So to the goons that days are gone that you can rule by the bullet.

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