Lookbook - 1
Lookbook - 1


Century Plyboards India Ltd, a frontrunner in the plywood industry known for applying innovation at work, launches two New Catalogues together – LookBook 2019-20 and StarLine 2019-20, with more than 1000 SKUs for CenturyLaminates. This is the biggest launch ever in Indian Laminate Industry.

CenturyLaminates Look Book 19-20 comes with a wide variety of new laminate patterns and textures for the home and workspace furniture which can be used for wall paneling or to accentuate smaller pieces of furniture or spaces. The designs introduced are carefully developed after extensive research on global trends and therefore Look Book is seen as trend setter in the industry.

This year we have introduced 57 new designs in LookBook 2019-20. We have also observed that there is a huge spurt in Veneer Sales because of new entrant of Non-Branded Veneer players offering them at lower price points. So this year we have introduced a new section of laminates in our catalogue, called Veneer Collection. So this will have a trickled down effect on Veneer lookalike Laminates sales also.

This year we will see an increase in Veneer Feel like design sales and hence to counter that we have introduced “Veneer Collection” with “Kering Matne” as affordable range (It gives actual real veneer like touch and feel with premium look with affordable pricing) and “Nature Plus” in Premium range. We have wide collection with 30 designs and out of which 16 are New. We have introduced classic/original high selling species like Ash, Oak, Acacia, Pine, Wenge, Walnut, Anegre and Teak which were missing in our portfolio earlier.

We have also revamped our “Combination” section introducing “Horizontal” and “Fabric” series in to it. Separate section dedicated to Fabric ranges have been included now which are in high demands in residential and mainly commercial segment. We have introduced 8 designs in this range. Owing to the high demand in Door application we have also added 4 new designs in Horizontal range taking the total count to 20 designs.

Solid surface look has been very popular and preferred by urban consumers. Last year we had introduced a unique range “Silk Tuff” in the 1mm category which gives look and feel of solid surface at an affordable price and is apt for table top surfaces as well as kitchen cupboards. It has variety of design options from solid to stone to suite any application and décor. This year we have again added 4 new designs which have been handpicked from upcoming Global trends.

Unconventional yet trendy laminates are in high demand in the market. Thus we have our “Abstract” collection which consists of 23 unique designs to break the monotony of traditional designs. This is for customers who want their interiors to be different and refreshing. 3 New designs inspired by trendy wallpapers available in the market.

Woodgrains” has always been very popular since the inception of laminates. We have a range of laminates with 8 Highest hot selling designs in Asia Subcontinent added to the portfolio. These Classic Woodgrains are added in Oak, Pine, Elm and Walnut.

Some of the distinctive “Textures” like woven textile and natural stones are preferred for specific applications like wall paneling or bathroom interiors. We have added 16 new designs added in Textures, especially focusing on High Gloss and Tusseto. 4 new has been added in High Gloss, added 2 mosaic designs for Bathroom/ Kitchen application and 2 Oak design for shutter application. 6 designs added in Tusseto which helps to revamp the much appreciated and accepted Tusseto range with new Fabric design paper which gives real fabric feel.