Poised to perfection: Multitalented Aarya Vora tops it all

Poised to perfection: Multitalented Aarya Vora tops it all
Poised to perfection: Multitalented Aarya Vora tops it all

Poised to perfection: Multitalented Aarya Vora tops it all…

It is quite fascinating for someone to have diverse interests and proving eminence on all of those at the same time. Aarya Vora, silver screen star turned blogger is a dexterous personality having multiple knacks for hobbies turned profession which is still a dream come true for most of us. Her confidence and passion for every venture are to watch out for.

While she was eighteen, Vora landed Mumbai after having done a numerous Gujrati series and modeling assignments in Ahmedabad. She made her Bollywood acting move in Silverscreen with Percept Pictures in My friend Ganesha followed by movie Click (By Sangeet Sivan). She garnered critical appreciation for portraying roles in Telugu and Kannada movie – Padaharella Vayu and Nirdosh respectively. Her meticulous excellence proved immense talent when she got cast in a family movie named Tirumandiram, produced by Radha Ravi, one of the most versatile and celebrated Tamil movie personalities. 

After having accomplishments in the Industry  South Indian entertainment, Aarya arrives Mumbai only to tag accolades to the footsteps of her existing success. Her commercial success includes shows like Ashiyana ( DD Hindi), Devo Ke Dev Mahadev for Life OK (played Siddhi wife of Lord Ganesha),  Crime series Savadhan India, couple of ad films, etc. Although being wrapped up in glitterati and fame, Aarya realizes the importance of education and in 2015,  a hard decision of taking a break from the industry work and continued studying her Masters of commerce from Ahmedabad.

Not only she proves her passion as an impeccable career, but Ms. Vora also indulged herself into family business have joined the family business. While she was still working, In 2018 made a come-back move with social media videos which went viral and fetched instant cyber fame. She was approached with loads of proposals for beauty fashion collaborations etc. Later, Vora not only took her traveling passion to great heights but also proved beneficial add on to her career by bagging meaningful collabs with hotels, resorts, and travel agencies all around the world. The stunner now travels and promotes destinations, stay, retreats, etc professionally through her blogs and vlogs.

She is also considering on unveiling remote and undiscovered places worth visiting through some of her expeditions, well stay tuned and follow her blogs to find out. Aarya says as the blogging work increased eventually, she took a halt from all other engagements and is solely concentrating on her social media work and traveling. It is also believed that owning a YouTube channel is on her cards now. We wish this vigorous soul to accomplish what she wants and leave her mark as a recognition.