A DROP OF BLOOD CAN SAVE MANY LIVES – Lions Club has arranged a Blood Donation Camp

LIONS Club Blood Donation Camp
LIONS Club Blood Donation Camp


KOLKATA, 14th July 2019: Today Lions Club has arranged a “Blood Donation Camp” near Bypass Dhaba, at 10 a.m. Lions Club District 322B1 Governor  Mr. Pawan  Parasrampuria. Lions love to serve. District Governor Mr. Pawan Parasrampuria said “we are very happy that nearly 200 lion’s member has given their blood for the well being of humanity.

In my opinion, we should organize a much number of social work which can change the present social scenario of our society. Lions Club has been helping the citizens of India through multiple ways – from funding hospitals, building homes in flood-devastated Kerala, equipping adolescents in schools with the life skills they need and doing so much more! 

Lions Club works as a helping hand for individuals through numerous projects whether it is an eye donation camp or disasters relief camp. Blood donation camp is one of them. Understanding the need and scarcity of blood in the human body and to reduce the harmful diseases like Anemia, Aids and more, Lions Club’s initiative was truly prosperous.