Baby Raisha Jain the wonder girl of latest Haryanvi song “Haveli”

Baby Raisha Jain
Baby Raisha Jain

Baby Raisha Jain the wonder girl.

Anyone remembers the sweet versatile child artist in the latest Haryanvi song “Haveli”.
Yes, we are talking about the chirpy, bubbly and super-talented upcoming actress, Baby Raisha Jain.

Baby Raisha Jain is 2 years old from Delhi. A fun-loving child with a zeal to learn new things. Her Innocent smile makes everyone attracted to her. She loves dancing, coloring, scribbling & she really enjoys learning new things in her school. Raishu, Guggha, Shona(are the nicknames called by her grandparents). A very friendly child with lots of cuteness in her persona.

Talking about her latest works Baby Raisha has garnered a lot of appreciation through the small role in the famous Haryanvi song “Haveli” with Vicky Kajla and Kriti Verma. Producer Pradeep Solanki Raisha has also done Haryanvi song” College Ki Chori” with Diler Kharkiya, Kehar Kharkiya, and Sweta Chauhan.

She has also done a Youtube video dedicated to daughters which attracted million-plus views within a few days with a famous Viner, Besides her lots of talent, she also has been awarded as a show stopper in the fashion show organized by a famous celebrity designer brand. She has also been chosen as a kid brand Ambassador for this brand ” Paramitas by Pallavi Aggarwal further she has been chosen as a brand ambassador of “CLIMAX” Music System.

Currently, she has done an advertisement for Radisson hotel…and lots of upcoming projects yet to release…

She is ready to learn more and more…as she got a long way to go…to grow with your love and blessings. The lucky charm of many celebrities.King of Mika Singh.Varun Dhawan.Anushka Sharma.Poonam Pandey.Deepshika Nagpal.Rajpal Yadav.Amrira Rao.Kd Md.Vicky Kajla .Diler Kharkhiya, “Baby Raisha Jain”

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