Blogger Jannat Khan manages four successful careers at once

Jannat Khan
Jannat Khan

Blogger Jannat Khan manages four successful careers at once.

Wish You Were Fashion by Jannat Khan, is a fashion blog that you need to follow on Instagram right away! Jannat Khan the face behind it, tells us a little about how she manages everything and about her blog too! “My main aim is to make people aware of international trends,” she says. Her blog features a lot of homegrown labels as well as established brands from all over the world mixed with her personal style which she describes as versatile.

If you would ask what is so special about Jannat Khan, it’s the passion and creativity that she puts behind not one or two, but four different careers at once! She multitasks as a full-time fashion publicist while freelancing as a certified hairstylist, social media manager, content writer and obviously her fashion blog Wish You Were Fashion By Jannat Khan.

Jannat Khan
Jannat Khan

“I think it’s the want of learning and the constant focus that I’ve been blessed with since childhood that makes me want to try new things always” she says. “Fashion has forever been my interest, so I like to express it through my blog, making fashion easier and accessible to all is what I love”.

With a lot of options today, one feels like trying a lot of different career paths, but what it takes to stay and be successful in each is consistency. Jannat Khan says “I love being organised in every aspect, you have to sacrifice a few things sometimes, but once you get the hang of managing a lot of things, it all becomes easy”.

You have to love what you do, to make it big. Fashion blogging is not what it used to be, with the game changing influencer marketing, it has become difficult to thrive in the industry but exploring, evolving and innovation is key. “I feel more people should try out what they love, even if you can’t give up on your job, find time for your hobbies and take my word, you’ll never regret it!” she says.

Read her blog here and see her document her fashion adventures on Instagram @wishyouwerefashion.