Rezvani TANK owner Kevin Thobias goes gold in Miami


Rezvani TANK owner Kevin Thobias goes gold in Miami Kevin Thobias and Rezvani Motors collaborate on a custom Tank straight from the factory. Kevin Thobias is known for his 100K+ Instagram followers, content creation, gold cars, and exotic lifestyle. He has now purchased one of the most exclusive vehicles in the world. Rezvani Tank now has Miami written all over it. Kevin Thobias is not only the only owner in Miami/Florida but he has a 1 of 1 gold edition. Rezvani unveiled its extreme utility vehicle named TANK in November 2017.

TANK is designed to be a military-style truck for the road. Some of the keys feature the TANK offers are as follows, optional ballistic armor bulletproof to B4 and B7 Levels, glass and all opaque armor, firewall, bomb protection, reinforced suspension, Military Runflat Tires, Intercom System and the TANK is powered by a 6.4L V8 Dodge Hemi engine and on-demand 4 wheel drive. The TANK  has more advanced options such as a thermal night vision system, bulletproof glass rated at up to Ballistic level 7 (high caliber weapons including armor-piercing rounds), composite armor around the passengers, a rear tack dispenser, electrified door handles, magnetic deadbolts, blinding lights, gas masks, hypothermia kit, smoke screen hidden radiator, and kevlar wrapped fuel tank. The Rezvani TANK is built in the US in Rezvani’s Santa Ana, CA plant. The Rezvani TANK has an offload suspension system designed by FOX racing suspensions. Owners of TANKs include Jamie Foxx, Rampage Jackson, Chris Brown and now Kevin Thobias. 

The Rezvani Tank is now available to build online, and clicking every box in the configurator takes the hardcore off-roader to a price of $305,075. The SUV starts at $178,000, There are a total of 25 made as of now in production making it one of the most exclusive vehicles in the World. Everywhere Kevin Thobias drives the TANK heads to turn, from police officers, tourist, residents even people with exotic cars are eyeing the TANK when it’s parked or riding by. If you want to catch the TANK in action travel down to Miami on any given weekend down on the south beach or attend the hottest clubs in Miami and you will for sure catch Kevin Driving the Tank or it will be a park with spectators all around it. How will you know its Kevin’s TANK? He will have his Instagram name on it @KevinThobias right on the front and back windows. Checkout Kevin Thobias on these social media platforms and websites 


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