Fashionista Nikita Madhani is a trending sensation

Nikita Madhani
Nikita Madhani

Fashionista Nikita Madhani is a trending sensation!

Nikita Madhani is a mechanical engineer from Mumbai who has been blogging for more than 6 years now. Additionally, Nikita has also completed a course in Management of Fashion & Luxury Companies.

For Nikita Madhani, style is all about expression. She loves the idea of expressing her individuality. She believes that if one wants to create a unique style identity then it is essential to channel ones personal style & preferences. She follows the motto – “Be your own inspiration”.

She has her own blog called The On her blog, Nikita writes about different fashion trends, styling, and places she has traveled to. Her posts are very insightful and informative and one can totally update their own fashion and travel knowledge through it.
Being one of the first Luxury Fashion bloggers in India was certainly not a cakewalk for Nikita and this journey has surely had it’s ups and downs but she feels really great to inspire so many people every day at so many levels.

Interestingly, Nikita’s niche is of Luxury Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle which is why she loves working with a brand that shares similar sensibilities.

What started as a mere creative outlet for Nikita Madhani has now become a full-fledged business. Content is the key and she focuses on staying true to herself. 

Nikita aspires to create a unique identity and maintain a brand image. She also wants to keep on inspiring people and growing her community even bigger.

This platform has given Nikita a chance to inspire so many young women out there and she wants to share her ideas and her love for fashion with even more wonderful people!