The majority of intellectuals of India are now divided by colors, not by ideology

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Dear Prime Minister,

If you are reading this please read to the end.

Sir, this article gives me a very sorry state of mind that once the budding ground of knowledge and wisdom, a place for knowledge powerhouse individuals like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Srigyan Atish Dipankar, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Sir C.V. Raman, Dr. Meghnath Saha or Prof S.N, Bose, etc. are now having colored intellectuals without honesty and dedication.

Nowadays to become an intellectual you need mediocre knowledge and superior political timing to group or ungroup with particular political color. Country First approach has taken backbench, hardly anyone will be found who is true to his beliefs and without any vested interest supports or protest with an issue, which is a burning issue for the country.

Lots of graduates, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and cultural people are there who has the qualification to read but not to judge a line in between. So they join hand with the “yellow journalists” to unknowingly start social media exchange of crafted movements in the digital age.

Common people are more interested in their bread and butter than the evil of society. Even people join armed forces as a good government service than service to the nation. But thanks to Indian defense their hard training clears out the honeymoon with the dream of government job and in most of the cases puts them in the right perspective. Hence still we have one of the best Army, Navy, and Airforce people in the world.

Intellectuals of India most of them feel proud with a crafted mask of secular ideology even if it is killing the nation and creating another holocaust like social condition.

Every citizen of India has the right to perform and live his life as per his wish but under the law of the land. But some of the community is creating a blackmailing kind of approach in the society to prove a point in his or her favor.

Last seventy years of a secular mask of Indian society has fallen flat when minorities are no more able to get everything you want at the cost of others. And the majority has started to ask for their legitimate demands under the law.

The approach of so-called intellectuals is selective and opportunistic in most of the cases. It should have been nonselective.

“Hindu should support Hindus and Muslim should support Muslims” where is the support for humanity? When you will drop the religious mask and act like a human.

A bunch of intellectuals(?) who perhaps never saw life in a slam or remote village in India are acting like hell has broken down.

Indian DNA has changed and changed forever. People are not believing any political leader or individual on the face of it. Enough tolerance has been shown by either side. Now people want development Modi or Mamata does not matter. The youth of India has started dumping this third-grade pseudo-intellectual and worthless political landlords.

Seventy years of silence from the majority of Hindus have created this feeling of “Taken for Granted”. Minorities must realize conflict is not the way of life, all humans should be treated as blessings of almighty.

If anyone dreams to carve out a new Pakistan out of India no more that is possible. If Hindus feels India will only for Hindus sorry true citizen of the nation has equal rights.

But to do a “swatchta” move to clean Indian society one needs both hands none should be shorter than other. Dump these intellectuals and stop the ideological holocaust of core Indian Philosophy “Vasudeiva Kutumbakam” The Entire World is like my family.

Changing of demography is not a problem but a hidden agenda with a change in demography is a serious threat.

This is high time stop watching TV or reading an article or any message which is full of hate contents. Negativity takes you down. A section of the media is busy to earn at the cost of the country. Use your own wisdom and understand the details.

Videos and pictures are the best way to lie. Do not believe them they may be fabricated to instigate your feelings.

If you want to live in India be Indian first, a responsible citizen of the country, a well-wisher of the society is required not a paid colored intellectuals or media mafias.

At last, say Salam Aleykum to Hindus and Hindus say Jai Shree Ram to a Muslim but it must show that you are trying to show the highest respect according to your culture. But when whoever trying to terrorize other community with Allah ho Akbar or Jai Shree Ram slogan a bullet should be sanctioned from the stateside to eliminate the rog forever.

None should feel left out or overpraised in compared to other community, all should get equal opportunity in India.

My request to ou honorable PM Modi through this article, do not listen to these intellectuals voices but listen to common people voice without any bias.

A true “Mann Ki Baat” Ho Jay Sir next month.