Kamran Farooque Captain Mohammedan Sporting Fears No Team

Kamran Farooque
Kamran Farooque

Kamran Farooque: Mohammedan Sporting Fears No Team

KOLKATA: Newly appointed Mohammedan Sporting Club skipper Kamran Farooque is looking forward to their 2019 Durand Cup opener against Mohun Bagan at Vivekananda Yubabharati Krirangan on Friday. 

Although Black Panthers facing a mountain in Mohun Bagan, who have a rich pedigree in the competition winning it 16 times, Kamran cut a confident figure on Thursday during the official pre-match media briefing.

“We have prepared a strong team for last two months under our coach Subrata Bhattacharya, that can challenge any team. Playing against the biggest sides in the competition is always exciting because that’s where we players really get the opportunity to test ourselves individually and as a collective,” he said.

The young defender has also acknowledged Mohun Bagan’s stature but did not forget to mention that they too are a big team: “Mohun Bagan are a huge team, and we respect them, but make no mistake Mohammedan Sporting is no small team. The best team on the day will win.”

When he was asked weather he has any information about their opponents or not his answer was a straightforward no. However, he later explained: “Since it’s the first match of the season both teams haven’t been exposed that much. It’s not just that we don’t have information about them, it applies on Mohun Bagan as well.”

Although a lot of focus will be paid to Mohun Bagan’s Spanish contingent, Kamran is insistent that his team need only concern themselves with their own performance.

“Are we intimidated by their presence? No. They have two legs and two hands so do we, rest will be taken care on the field. We must focus on our abilities and not think of our opponents. I think it’s more about how we play on the day that determines what result we will achieve.” he concluded.