Karan & Moin Power duo of the fashion world

Karan & Moin
Karan & Moin

If Karan-Arjun were to be remade today, the movie would be based on the fashion power duo- Karan & Moin. The two brothers, who are at the helm of a luxury menswear brand, Karan & Moin, aptly personify the hashtag #RelationshipGoals.

Hailing from a farming background, the two brothers developed a strange connection with and fascination for clothes when they came to Delhi about two decades back.

Today, fiercely creative Karan’s designs blended with Moin’s knowledge of cloth construction make them complement one another incredibly. They fight and argue, but always have each other’s back to come up with masterpieces. They have sibling rivalry but can read each other’s mind. At least that’s how it seems when you watch them complete each other’s sentences!

Karan & Moin
Karan & Moin

For them, Karan & Moin is not just another designing studio or fashion brand. It is about emotions and stories. Karan & Moin defines true identity; embodies Mediterranean luxury, Italian sophistication and Indian tradition.

An emblem of the expertise handed down from generations; Karan & Moin was established in 1989 by the brothers, and, ever since, the brand has carved a unique niche for itself as a luxury menswear brand in the hearts of Delhites.

Klothsline by Karan

A 365-day wardrobe solution for any occasion or event, Klothsline by Karan is an experience you

wouldn’t want to miss at the Karan & Moin studio. Karan goes lengths to stitch seamless dreams for today’s style-conscious man. He personally suggests styles and fabrics to customers after an in-depth analysis of their lives, stature, and personality. All the fabrics, cuts, styles and designs are customized with not just what is trending, but with you in mind. So get your personal stylist and feel like a star always!

Moin, the ‘Cloth Engineer’

Burberry, Zenia, Rada, Scabal, Amara, Ralph Lauren or any other international fabric you can think of- Moin “masters” it!

Moin has extensive knowledge of fabrics and executes “The Perfect Fit.” Turning possibilities into reality, Moin offers a tailoring experience which resonates in choosing styles and cuts that will flatter your physique. His expert tailoring techniques result in a garment crafted exactly to your measurements, with personalized details inside-out.

From inception to construction, tailoring is not just their job; but a labor of love which the two brothers put in. Everything they do is filled with their enthusiasm and talent. Karan curates styles, Moin fabricates them; Karan has an eye for detail while Moin can just look at you and pinpoint the irregularities in your posture! Karan gives instructions veiled as design blueprints which Moin takes forward. They are siblings as well as business partners who are a perfect match for one another. No wonder, they are the new-age Karan-Arjun!