Social Media star Gopal Dutt Vashisht is all set to join B-town

Gopal Dutt
Gopal Dutt

Social Media star Gopal Dutt Vashisht is all set to join B-town

You should be above average for producing or directing a movie. It needs unique talent and vision, which knows what the mass population will love. Gopal Dutt Vashisht and renowned name of social media who were famous because of his social media page the fact pro in which he has a massive fan following over 20 million. And guess what he too is near 20.

It is great to see a guy who has not even completed college has this much fan following. It is all thanks to his vision, knowledge and digging out facts of the world and giving it in the right manner to the public. According to the sources Gopal Dutt Vashisht is planning to produce a movie in B-town. It is his dream to showcase what India has stored, and for that, he feels movies is the right medium. India has a broad scope where we can try many other stories other than dhisoom dhisoom (Action Movies) and love stories.

Gopal Dutt also wants to try new faces from a social media platform like Tik Tok. According to some of the people he sees in social media platform are stunning and way better than real actors in films. If everything goes right, then Gopal will surely give a chance to the people from the social media platform. Wow, what an idea, first of all, it will provide new faces and the second thing he will get already famous personality like him from social media.

There are many factors which we feel make Gopal Dutt most successful producer and director in B-town. Gopal is a unique talent, and he knows what will be mass audiences like in reel life. He has the experience of catching people towards him, and he will be surely able to do this in the movies.

If these rumors are correct of Gopal Dutt joining B-town than it will be interesting to see his star cast and story.


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