Ravator- The Star Rising


Ravator- The Star Rising

Introduction with Music

I was four years old when I was first introduced to the world of music. My parents gifted me a keyboard and I put my fingers on it, playing it at will with childhood innocence. It was playful at first but the notes started engraving into my blank canvas. It impacted me to such an extent that at an age when I should be watching cartoons, I was busy rehearsing chords understanding the language of music.

As I grew, Music evolved in me and I got in touch with EDM-

It made me different from others, I stood out in almost every interschool competition. Deep down, I was enjoying all the attention, I felt like a young star destined for greatness. When I was around 13-14 years old, I went to visit a cousin of mine. We were seated in his study room and that is when I saw the track, “Not giving up on love” by Armin Van Buuren. What surprised me was there weren’t any live instruments and music for me was about instruments being played live. I was perplexed and it tickled my curiosity that how does music without instrument sound so good? What was it and how did they pull that off? I searched about it and as I explored, I came to the term, EDM, Electronic Dance Music.

Exploring EDM-

EDM was at its initial stages in the year 2009-2010. When I explored more, I realized that it has all the instruments playing together organized via software. It served as a perfect medium for me to enter into the electronic world of music. I downloaded the DAW Logic Pro as I luckily found its crack on, the internet.

Now what proved a blessing to me was the immense amount of knowledge I had on music due to my background, it didn’t take me much time to go all blazing with the electronic aspect of music. Within a year I was making musical tracks, and by the time I was 17 years old, it gave me enough confidence to turn my musical ideas into reality.

My First Break and experience with reality-

It was in the 18th year of revolution, a big twist happened as a big name from the industry called me up at his studio. I won’t share his name as it’s a small industry and of course privacy reasons. What was icing on the cake was that he liked my work and appreciated me.

For an 18-year-old being appreciated and getting work in the best studios of our industry was like a dream come true. I felt motivated and invested my efforts into giving my best shot without a contract. It took me six months to realize that this is not what I should be doing. Simply remixing tracks and being overshadowed by a big label was not my cup of tea. In those six months, I earned 4000rs and I know that is ridiculous but that itself is a testimony how people can use you if they see through that you are naive.

In search of green pastures-

I left the place and become depressed. I got in touch with a guy who is my ex-manager now. He mentored me and taught me the basics of business. From Harsh, I became Ravator. I started doing club shows via an agency NCM which is now my current management. Slowly, I came into the commercial world of EDM. I started making some great money and my face value increased. It was in the month of February that I got my first booking outside Delhi in Guwahati.

Tryst with HeartBreak-

A year went by planning and making music but things began worsening with my ex-management. Things weren’t going as planned and I wasn’t making enough money due to which I had to cancel my ongoing projects. It all became a mess and as depression seeped in I broke up my four-year relationship with an amazing woman who was there with me since my school days. She was there with me through my thick and thin days and now I had lost her as well. I couldn’t open up with anyone on how I felt. Staying away from music was terrible and it broke my heart each day. But as someone said, when you are going through your darkest hours, believe that dawn is near.

The Resurrection-

NCM, the company who always kept a track of what I was up to showed interest in signing me. I don’t know why but they put faith in me when I was losing faith in myself. And from then I haven’t looked back, I played music across the country, from major festivals to IITs and NIT’s to the best colleges. I moved a ladder up under the guidance of Rohit, my current manager as I signed a multi-track deal with Zee Music corporation making me the third EDM artist to reach the label.

I became famous, people were clicking pictures with me and it all seemed so unbelievable. In the meantime, my singles, deadheads were released which became a commercial success giving me another success high. The deadheads tour was a massive success covering big festivals across different colleges.

A lot to explore and miles to go-

I felt like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I had gone through a period where I wasn’t playing music, no one supported me, I was simply existing keeping my mind numb with alcohols and drugs. I give a lot of credit to my parents who never left my side and to NCM, I owe a lot to them. Without them, Ravator wouldn’t be Ravator. I have learned one thing in life that hard work pays off otherwise at an age where people merely graduate, I achieving such feats is no less a miracle. If you have the talent in you and the fire burning, no one can stop you.