Is Communication problem in Indian Moon mission an enemy conspiracy?

Chandrayaan 2 captured image of Moon surface
Chandrayaan 2 captured image of Moon surface

Indian space research organization (ISRO) reached new feet when Chandrayaan 2 reached very close to Moon, only 2.1 KM before the surface suddenly communication lost.

Just before that, every activity was picture perfect and everyone was clapping at each step completion. Even PM was excited the entire world was about to see the giant leap of India in space technology.

But suddenly the communication was lost and everyone in dark. After sometime Chairman came and told the ground zero details to PM. All smiling face was now tensed and worried about the final details of Chandrayaan 2.

Does India failed in Moon Mission answer is Yes and No both. The Technological capability to reach the moon is now established and none can deny that, yes soft landing part is not as successful as of now as communication is lost.

But why this last-minute snag happened in such a glorious journey to Moon. Someone asked me the question ” Sir is it possible that enemy or even Superpower had jammed the Chandrayaan 2 to stop India from the great success?”

I replied “even if that is a possibility and which I can not approve or reject but if we take it as true, even then the enemy must be very worried that India has reached the moon and even Sky is not the limit for them. When a prime minister hugs his space chief even after snagging in the mission it is a great morale boost for the nation and the message is loud and clear we are with you get ready for the next mission”

Indian Moon mission proved that 1 Billion plus people is standing with ISRO and Team even the Government and opposition is standing with them forgetting their own political enmity. This moral support will help ISRO to bounce back with flying colors.

Jai Hind and Congrats to People of India your Chandrayaan 2 has reached moon even if it is crashed you are able to send some make in India items to land in Moon.

India has a golden day in space technology just a step before creating history.