Wonder Kid Dhrumil is the Founder & CEO of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies

Dhrumil Dhanesha
Dhrumil Dhanesha

Dhrumil Dhanesha a 15 years old serial entrepreneur and a student studying in 9th grade from India. Dhrumil is the Founder & CEO of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies which specifically works on technology innovations and WEB/APP Based Products. Dhrumil has his own team which works on the tasks given by Dhrumil. Dhrumil is also a TEDx Speaker and has given talks in top universities of India. Right from the age of 13 Dhrumil Dhanesha, a student and Founder of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies cracked the code to success. His expertise, connections, and vision lead his goals to help him exceed his expectations.

He was born in Gujarat, after which he shifted to Mozambique with family. Right from the age of 5 years, he only had gadgets to play with! He felt that the gadgets were solely made for him.

Becoming extremely user-friendly with technology, he went on to explore more about gadgets than from the age of 6. He developed an interest to develop a game and from the age of 9, he mastered the art of developing games and applications At the age of 12, he went on to explore making websites.

His Mentor, Mr. Jatin Kataria, suggested him to register his company and now he has his venture in the name of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies. This company provides IT support like app and web development and chatbot development. This is surely an achievement that made him beam with pride. He set his goals which were the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Recently Dhrumil Launched his very own game on the Apple app store named “The Colour Square game.” The game Colour Square is a hyper-casual game in which the player has to drop the ball on the correct side of the square. The game seems to be simple at first but it’s difficult and requires complete concentration towards the screen. The game has been designed with simplicity in mind, The game also has minimal graphics and joyful sound effects.

Here is  the link to the game: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1471873782

Dhrumil has also been invited in a couple of Hackathon’s as a judge and has also been a part of a couple of non-profit organisations. Dhrumil is also a community leader and an event organiser at Techstars Startup Weekend Ahmedabad as well as Techstars Startup weekend Rajkot.

You can Reach out to Dhrumil by sending him an email at: [email protected] or visit his website: http://www.dhrumildhanesha.com/ or you can even follow him on social media platforms like

Twitter : https://twitter.com/dhrumildhanesha

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dhrumildhanesha/