SALMAN AHMED – The young politician has a vigorous sense of social obligations

Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed

SALMAN  AHMED—- The young politician has a vigorous sense of social obligations.

To bring the change one needs to have a clarification about his strategies with optimistic intentions. Salman Ahmed is one of the prominent educationists who aspire for the modification of a better future.

Salman  Ahmed is the Vice President of Presidency University along with that a politician, educationist, influencer, General Secretary at Bangalore youth congress and a has a fellowship of the royal society of arts in Bangalore. He has a keen interest in reading, traveling, networking, and most importantly love for cars and distinct automobiles. He is post-graduated from the Coventry university of London. He is generously known for shouldering innumerable responsibilities and heading several social projects. His motive is to take possession of the rapidly thriving university in the country. From being socially responsive to optimistic he is laying a benchmark for many youngsters.

Being an active social media user he has an adequate number of followers on his Instagram handle @salman.nissar. However, he is attaining an incredible chore at incredibly a youthful period, his endeavors are noticeable, and his commitment is exemplary. We wish him Good luck for his bright future.