Online News Portals are going to be the mainstream media in 5 years time

Suman Munshi Recipient Udar Akash Rokeya Sakhawat Memorial Award 2018
Suman Munshi Recipient Udar Akash Rokeya Sakhawat Memorial Award 2018

Is online media a legible media? Does it have recognition? Do they have a future?

Government recognition is needed for Government Advertisement. The global scope for business is the billion-dollar global Advertisement market. Most advanced states globally already recognized Online News as News media alongside Print, TV or Radio.

So Portals are having global viewers and scope. Today or tomorrow the Government has to place a law for social media because it is now the mainstream media. Paper and TV are part of museum objects very soon. But it is just a change in the content delivery system.

The importance of great journalists like Robert Fisk,Christiane Amanpour or Indian legends like Barun Sengupta, Gour Kishore Ghosh or Moti Nandi, Kuldeep Nair etc will always be there. Educated people knowledgeable people is needed otherwise Portal will lose importance.

Portal news is not just a way to have access to free food, drinks and gifts at the press meet. These are surely a factor for distract the aim of news.

Portal News will face the fate of the iPod or walkman cassette players if not good quality journalists are managing them. No replacement for quality work with quality people. In Kolkata, we have very few people who can really ask questions in the press meet and have that education with them.

Sorry but low and medium intellect people are taking this as a path for a career just to satisfy their alter ego and showcase family and friends that they are doing something great. In this endeavor, they are cheating themselves and their own future along with the industry suffering the image.

That’s why, to leave apart minister, IAS, IPS or PR even public is not giving any respect which a journalist used to get 20 years back. Because they know they can purchase these people in pennies.

Even Killing and mob lynching of journalists is common now a days. Sorry, but do we the Bengal media people act like cannibals? and get great pleasure when my fellow is in trouble? Candle march to show solidarity with the victim and taking a smiling selfie is just a manifestation of frustration and ill mental condition isn’t it?.

Exploitation and low salary in the average industry level make it a not so attractive option for good students to join this media field. The doctor wants his son to be a doctor lawyer expect the same, but not a journalist is nowadays.

A great holocaust of ideology is running through the media fraternity organized by political, business and social support groups to destroy the responsible media in a planned way. Only those can survive who have painted in the light of their godfathers.

Trump, Modi, Mamata, Rahul all are temporary, but this great profession will renounce the devil and once again see the truthful media in action.

Portals have to take the lead now. Come out of the shadow of Print, TV or Radio or any media, you are not dependent on anyone. Time has come social media and online news should lead the show.

This is Call of the Wild to the youth, take your pen out, point your camera to the cause world needs your intellect with high moral reporting.

Dedicated to all true Journalists, reporters and photojournalists media people who all are working for true journalism.

Some of my moments as the portal journalist might inspire some of my future friends from the industry. My advice keep your self away from negative peoples and do your work honestly.

Author: Suman Munshi. The man who started the first portal news from Kolkata,India. He has 25 years in IT and Digital Media in large MNCs in a senior management role. He has obtained Dip in Journalism (Ireland),MBA IT, PGDCA(Computer Sc.),PMI Book PMCDF Reviewer, LIMS (USA & Australia),GxP(USA & UK), Winner National Geographic & Canon Wild Click Jurry and Public Poll Award 2011, Recipient Udar Akash Rokeya Sakhawat Memorial Award 2018