D. S. Research Centre celebrated its 10th Inception Day in Kolkata

D. S. Research Centre celebrated its 10th Inception Day in Kolkata
D. S. Research Centre celebrated its 10th Inception Day in Kolkata

D. S. Research Centre celebrated its 10th Inception Day in Kolkata

The centre also announced to fulfill wishes of Child Cancer Patients

Kolkata, 23 October, 2019: D. S. Research Centre organized Press Conference to celebrate its 10th Inception Day in Kolkata by announcing to fulfill the wishes of Child Cancer Patients. The centre also announced to launch of a donation drive for cancer patients and conduct small cultural program followed by the felicitation of the patients for their fight against cancer. On the occasion, the centre announced to fulfill wishes like Celebrating Birthday, Celebrating Bhai-Phota, Organizing Games, Gifting, to name a few.

The event was organized to recognize the cancer survivors, raise awareness about the challenges of cancer survivorship, support and motivate the cancer survivors in the presence of cancer survivors who are fighting this disease for decades. The event also aimed at acknowledging the cancer survivors in their community, the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face because of the disease, and – most importantly – to celebrate life. Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya along with Dr. Shibangi Das and Dr. Samrat Mukherjee were present to brief the media. A special motivational session for the cancer survivors highlighted the importance of ‘Togetherness” to fight with cancer and win over it, creating awareness about the role of the different types of treatments at D. S. Research Centre and also to educate the general mass about Cancer and eradicating the myths attached with it since time unknown in order to save million lives by fighting against Cancer.

Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya said, “Marking the 10th Anniversary of Kolkata Center of D. S. Research Centre on 23rd October 2019, we wish to bear this responsibility on our shoulder till the Victory against this disease is registered. At D. S. Research Centre we try to bring the harmony back between Body , Mind & Spirit of patients, so that a patient can also put an effort & experience the arrest of disease progression and development of health thus bringing the Life to its Normal Tack.”

Dr. Shibangi Das said, “When people hear the word ‘cancer,’ it can be very frightening, but today there is hope. Cancer mortality rates are steadily declining, and cancer survivors are living longer than ever before. This Day is an opportunity for these cancer survivors – and those who support them – to come together and celebrate the tremendous progress being made in the fight against cancer. We want to raise awareness of the many challenges of cancer survivorship and increase public awareness. We, at D. S. Research Centre, are encouraging everyone – cancer survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, family members, and friends – to join this celebration and with the strong belief of #TogetherWeCan #DefeatCancer, we also come up with multiple Cancer Awareness Campaigns throughout the year.”

D. S. Research Center is a premier Research Institute developing treatments through the Science of Nutrient Energy based on Ancient Ayurveda in India for Cancer. Cancer sucks out the hope of leading a normal life of the patient, also starts effecting life of the family members as well, in a way Cancer starts taking toll on mental peace, happiness, normal happy life of the Whole Family. It takes away smile, happiness & hope out of a person’s life. Life seems like a lamp which is going to burn of the oil before time. D.S. Research Centre aims at treating this disease at any stage and spreading information regarding this disease because having Proper Information mostly woks as tool or weapon for combating this disease.  Early detection of this disease helps us save many more lives.  WHO says lack of Data Management of Cancer Patients in many countries hampers the Proper guideline which could be laid down for Cancer Education. D.S. Research Centre has been doing this tireless Job for last many years and trying to remove myths around this disease and save many lives. Even patient in late stage or stage IV patient is benefited of treatment. It works on patients who have received other method of treatment and equally on who haven’t or couldn’t due to various reasons. Terminal stage patients also find relief through our medicine when other methods have not been fruitful.