Which is the most-watched football league in India?

Premier League Matchball
Premier League Matchball

Which is the most-watched football league in India?

When it comes to football in India, the Indian fans are crazy about football. If there is cricket dominating the Indian market, football has got its special place in the heart of soccer fans. Currently, in 2019, there are tons of leagues that are loved by Indian fans. On top of that, you can visit betting sites in India on betrallyindia.com, choose the best betting platform and perform betting like never before.

Quite clearly, the English Premier League is dominating the Indian fans market. Either it is the all-time famous Manchester United team or the Chelsea FC club, English Premier League has been a masterpiece.

Therefore, come along as we unwrap some essential detailing about the English Premier League.

English Premier League: Most Watched Football League in India

According to the research by Brand Finance, the English Premier League is the most valued league in India. There are millions of Indian fans who love to play football whereas plenty of them have the ambition to play internationally.

In terms of the value of English premier league clubs, Manchester United stands at the top of the list. Currently, the club is worth USD 3.81 billion and is said to grow exponentially in the upcoming years.

Speaking about the survey conducted by Brand Finance, a sample from 2,000 respondents was taken in India. After every sort of research and evaluation, the English Premier League came out to be the most-watched football league in India.

More to it, the Indian fans have around 79% awareness which is another amazing thing. Even more, cementing the dominance in Football leagues, the league has produced some of the most unbeatable talents.

Starting with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a living legend in the football arena. Well, the soccer star made his debut in England from Manchester United Club where he rose to fame in a matter of years.

Speaking about the past generations, Frank Lampard was an inevitable player of the Chelsea team. Yes, he was one of the greatest legends of football and loved by millions of the Indian Fans.

Fast-tracking right in the current years, Eden Hazard has been one of the most loved players among Indian fans. Although he is not a Chelsea player anymore, that does not mean he has lost fans. In fact, he has gained more fans now after he signed for Real Madrid this season.

Indeed, he has contributed a lot to make the English Premier league famous in India. Now, as and when we will move ahead, the popularity of the English Premier League will continue to grow at an exponential rate.

More Details About the English Premier League

According to different media reports, the English Premier League popularity has been growing at a faster pace in India. Also, there are thousands of Indian football players who have got the ambition to play for English Premier League clubs in the future.

Additionally, on top of the English Premier League is famous in India, around 21% of Indians nominated it as the most favourite league.

Right after the English Premier League came La Liga whereas FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are loved by millions.

Indeed, after the English Premier League, the Spanish league has got its place in Indian’s heart. Right from the FC Barcelona club to Real Madrid, Indian fans have truly gone crazy over the football clubs.

Even in the year 2019, the craze of football fans seems to be unending as different Indian football league has come into existence.

Coming back to the popularity of the English Premier League, it’s simply unbeatable. Day by day, the fans are cheering for their favourite club in this league.

In the upcoming 10 years, it will not be a surprise to see that the English Premier League will become much bigger with time.

Final Word of Mouth

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Eventually, the game of Football has always been full of excitement, skills and fans are of course crazy for these sports.

All the fans can do is to keep supporting the Leagues, let the atmosphere soak in and cheer for your teams, the best ever way.