International Children’s Film Festival Malda

International Children’s Film Festival Malda
International Children’s Film Festival Malda

International Children’s Film Festival Malda, by children and for children three years in a row is showcasing films made by children themselves

Malda, 21 January 2020 19th International Children’s Film Festival, jointly organized by TALASH, UNICEF and Cine Central Calcutta is one of the very few film festivals across the country which is entirely dedicated to children.

“Film Festival can be an effective tool to enhance participation and foster further growth of children. This year, films made by children for peers and adults will be showcased. Content of the films, script, pre-production, shooting and post production has been done by the children film making team. The directors and crew will present their own films and will also join in an interaction with audiences. We are happy to take this festival to those children who often miss out opportunities to be part of any such film festival,” shares Ayesha Sinha, Executive Director, Talash.

“I am surprised to see how easily we can translate our insights and understanding into audio visual medium. This is a great learning experience and we as a team is confident to be able to express our opinion through this medium,” shares Ashim Akhram, Youth Advocate whose film will be showcased today.

“We attempted to make children and young people’s experiences heard. In Talash, we have learnt how our understanding matters and that we can shape our own lives as well as shaping the community. We think this new found medium can help us reach out to larger audiences” shares Dipa Agarwal, Youth Advocate whose film will be showcased today.

“I have been part of the organising team of the festival since beginning. My confidence has increased many folds over the years. My friends in school are surprised to see how we organise the festival every year. Parents, teachers and neighbours look at me differently these days” shares Santashi Das, Youth Advocate whose film will be showcased today.

TALASH has been working in Malda in collaboration with District Administration and UNICEF since 2012. Over years, 5 kinds of resources have been developed in the district – Personal Safety & Wellbeing Trainers, Legal Literacy Leaders, Creative & Communication Leaders, Performing Leaders and Community Leaders. Currently, 865 Community Leaders are active across Malda.

UNICEF has been supporting this film festival for more than a decade now and this year, it aims to highlight issues related to ‘Violence against Children’ through various discourses, workshops and film screenings throughout the film festival in Kolkata and Malda. 

“UNICEF is happy to partner once again with TALASH for organizing this unique film festival which is organized entirely by the children. This year, it is even more unique since all the seven short films showcased during the inauguration event have also been produced by these children on issues of violence that they or their peers have faced. Through this festival, UNICEF would like to urge parents, teachers, our media friends and young people to join hands with us to stop all forms of violence against children,” shared Moumita Dastidar, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Office for West Bengal.   

Entry will be free for all children and their guardians for all film shows in this festival.