Love is in the Hair!

Love is in the Hair!
Love is in the Hair!

Love is in the Hair!

Valentine’s Day is one of those special days of the year many wait for. Many lovers daydream about the sappy possibilities for this romantic day of the year. Would your beloved send you flowers at work, or would he take you to a candlelight dinner at your favorite restaurant or it would be a romantic moonlit picnic? Thousands of thoughts start running in your mind days before the Valentine’s Day.

But have you put enough thought on what will you wear or what will be your look for the date night? If you are relying on a last-minute salon trip, be cautious, as you can easily get lost in the crowd, as ‘V’ day is one of the busiest days even for the salons. But here to your rescue, quoting the fashion icon Iris Apfel, “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything”.

So here are a few easy tips so you can shine on your date just by flaunting your natural yet gorgeous hair!

Starting with addressing the basic problem all us girls have- hairfall! Never underestimate the importance of a good hot oil head massage. There are a few hair fall fighting seeds that can solve your hairfall woes. Some of them are Methi, Sarson, Kalonji, Lauki and Til. A combination of these seeds can solve multiple hair care problems. They can miraculously strengthen roots, reduce hair fall and boost hair growth. The infusion of these seeds in coconut oil also acts as a natural conditioner that leaves your hair soft and manageable.

Pamper your hair with a homemade mask, which can be beneficial for both healthy scalp and glossy mane. Herbal remedies and treatments are very effective in stimulating hair growth. People usually spend enormously on expensive products that may or may not give the desired results. But instead, you can use are ingredients like curd, eggs, honey, aloe vera, coconut milk, amla juice, vinegar, onion juice, aloe vera juice, banana, hibiscus flower and even curry leaves for homemade masks. These ingredients are affordable and chemical-free, which can be applied regularly. Masks help repair any damage caused to the hair by replenishing the moisture.

A balanced diet is also the key to healthy hair. Include eggs for Biotine and Protein, spinach for vitamin A, Avocados for vitamin E, fatty fish for Omega 3 and berries for vitamin C in your daily food intake, and turn heads in long, lustrous locks. Also drinking adequate water will support your hair growth and hydration is good for both your body and hair.

So this Valentine, why just celebrate love for your partner, when you can celebrate love for your naturally conditioned hair too. Remember self-love begins with looking after yourself and everything precious about yourself, and surely care of your beautiful hair tops that list! Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your tresses in their entire s

ProfileDr.Aparna Santhanam (MD, DNB) is a multi-faceted professional in various diverse fields .She is a well-known dermatologist, hair and wellness expert, a strategic consultant, best-selling writer who also works in the field of social development. Apart from consulting in her own private practice, She is a consultant at PD Hinduja hospital in Mumbai . She was instrumental in establishing medical systems and creating various new services at the Kaya Skin clinics, India’s largest chain of cosmetic Dermatology clinics.

She is also the reputed author of 3 bestselling books, Skin deep, Let’s talk Hair and Jelly Belly .She can be followed on both Instagram and Facebook.


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