Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – A happening place for tiger sighting in the wild

Tigers of Tipeshwer WLS
Tigers of Tipeshwer WLS

Foxtail Eco Retreat – Tipeshwar

Tipeshwar WLS
Tucked away in a remote corner of the Yavatmal District on the border of Telangana and Maharashtra is Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Tipeshwar WLS is the newest and currently hottest Tiger jungle in India with sightings of up to 10 tigers per safari being reported once a while. Tipeshwar has two gates: 1) Sunna Gate and 2) Mathni Gate and spreads across 143 Square Kms and located about 170 Kms South of Nagpur. It’s a dry deciduous Jungle and perfect Tiger territory. After the last village was relocated Tipeshwar though small area wise has established itself as a Tiger Maternity Home and every couple of years sends out about 9 cubs. 2020 will probably see the highest numbers so far-reaching probably over 20!! Tipeshwar is also a birder’s delight with many exotic birds making it their home.

Foxtail Eco Retreat – Resort and Observation Center (Foxtail Eco Retreat)
Foxtail Eco Retreat possibly has the best of the best location. Located on the Sunna Gate the NH44 is just 2 Kms away and the nearest Village (also the closest habitation) Sunna is about 1.2 Kms from the Retreat.

Foxtail Eco Retreat is spread out on just under 6 acres of land but sharing boundaries with a 143 Sq Km jungle it never feels short on space. In fact, it feels more of an extension of the Jungle. You can do your booking at www.foxtaileciretreat.com or call us at +91-9848023029.


Foxtail Eco Retreat Rooms at Tipeshwer
Foxtail Eco Retreat Rooms at Tipeshwer

Phase I.
As on date, Foxtail has 5 spacious Swiss tents which are designed to accommodate a family of four very comfortably. The tents have been designed to provide every possible comfort in a very raw setting. The tents have about 410 sq.ft. of space and are equipped with 2 ton Mitsubishi Air conditioners, Coolers and Heaters to take care of guests in all kinds of weather. The toilets are Jaquar fitted with western commodes and pressure water. Each tent also has its own Refridgerator, Sewerage Treatment Plant, and a huge 325 sq.ft sit out. All of this is backed by a 65KV Kirloskar Generator and also houses a 12KV Solar plant to meet the Eco-Sensitive Zone rules.

Foxtail Eco Retreat Dining Room at Tipeshwer
Foxtail Eco Retreat Dining Room at Tipeshwer

Kitchen and Dining:
• The dining hall is spread over 1500 sft and is supported by a 780 sft kitchen area. The kitchen is equipped with 2 refrigerators, one deep freezer, microwave, RO Plant etc to cater to demanding guests.

Foxtail Eco Retreat at Tipeshwer
Foxtail Eco Retreat at Tipeshwer

A dry deciduous jungle Tipeshwar WLS has abundant wildlife. With a strong presence of Tiger this jungle is a very well balanced Eco system. With about 5 to 6 adult resident Tigers and from 9 to 15 cubs it is a packed jungle. With over 5000 prey base to feed off the tiger has settled in very well here. Tipeshwar also is a home for many exotic birds and insects.

Foxtail Eco Retreat at Heart of the Nature - your stay at Tipeshwer
Foxtail Eco Retreat at Heart of the Nature – your stay at Tipeshwer

Author and Photography: Uday Krishna Peddireddi