New Delhi burning – It is new India no blackmail tactics will work for anyone

New Delhi Burning
New Delhi Burning

A great relief for Indians (true Indians) Delhi burning and India did not allow Trump visit to be derailed at the same time exposed the venomous snakes from all the party involved in riots.

A strong message was given by keeping silent from Home ministry front that you play your cards we will wait till you have exposed your character to the world. Violence and terror are never going to be a solution for civilized society until and unless all roads are closed for discussion.

Globally Islamic terror has become a nuisance no doubt about it but other forms of terror are also not welcome. Muslim leaders globally must introspect why their community is looked with suspicion and doubt in mind? Is it hate or global image that has made the dent in the overall community reputation?

Whenever there is a terror act why 99% time a Muslim organization is linked to it? Why you always try to create a new state within a state and can not follow the common law and order situation? Why always people fear entering a Muslim locality?

The day fear is over it will be retaliated by the other peaceful community and none will be left out of that blood shade from either side. Stop the violence and follow the law of the land. Go to schools and make your kids educated in all aspects.

Shame on the leaders who made this violence, protest, and blood shade during the visit of US President is an act of an enemy of the nation. This is a definite act to defame India on the global platform.

Indian administration either center or state or both along with the public must unite to act against terror jointly. It is not against Muslims or Hindus or others but against anyone trying to damage India as a country must be shot dead and detoxification of society is required. All communities should care for others and good citizens need to be protected no matter he or she is Hindu or Muslim or others but none should be spared who is a threat for India a country for all.

Whoever is planning to make riot a route for their success and blackmail to nail down the government be aware this India will not bend rather will be ready to make the detoxification of the society at the proper level.

I am sure a crackdown across India against anyone involved in the anti-India act must be started and finished within a month. Enough is enough to stop terror and live peacefully act now.

Stop acting minority or majority like attitude act as one nation one community for humanity.

Some section of media is acting like pal of vested interest group from all the side, which is a real shame and concern that are we really interested in people’s cause or only business growth at the cost of the country? Raise and speak the truth or else soon you will be out of business by the people of India.

Jai Hind