“Born on Instagram” makes its way into Kolkata – WonderMunna and Ritabhari Chakraborty talk ‘Social’ and Social Media.

"Born on Instagram" makes its way into Kolkata - WonderMunna and Ritabhari Chakraborty talk 'Social' and Social Media.

Instagram is one of the most hipe and popular social media platforms in today’s world. It has been a platform that has been constantly progressing with the changing millennium trends and culture. Today it has more 1 billion users from all over the world, from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. People of all age and background use the platform as a personalized gallery, in the simplest terms.

Instagram has developed as an app over the years. It is not just a photo-sharing app now. It is more than that. Over the years it has introduced features such as Instagram stories. Where you can share photos, videos snap-videos and more, and it disappears after 24 hours.

Over the years more features has been added on this feature. Such as GIFS, Poll Stickers, Question tags and the latest addition is the Instagram music feature. Apart from this Instagram has also recently introduced IGTV- Instgram TV aimed for shooting and posting longer video’s. This targets content creators and influencers of Instagram who had now found an additonal platform. To share their work out into the internet.

Today on 28th February 2020, in Kolkata at The Park Hotel, Instagram introduced and launches it’s ‘Born on Instagram’ program. Which is aiming to discover, showcase and grow the most creative content creators in West Bengal.

Creators have a huge role to play. As they epitomize the platform for thier creativity in content and amazing social video moments. It is for this reason that the app announced a ‘Born On Instagram’ program. That aims to onboard creators in a series of 15 events in different cities, including Kolkata.

Manish Chopra, Head of Partnerhsips, Facebook India hosts the launch of ‘Born On Instagram’ Initiative.

Manish Chopra, Head of Partnerhsips, Facebook India took us through the event by starting with story of how Instagram was born ( if you get the reference!). Starting with a concept of just a square photo sharing app. It was then developed further into a interactive platform with the introduction of videos and finally the ephemeral stories were introduced.

He also talks about how the platform gives a base to everyone to celebrate culture, connect with it, celebrate it. And connect the entire world over it. Examples of Ratan Tata and his latest works over Instagram, including the heart-lurching “Mera Baba Desh Chalata Hai’ short film are highlighted.

Ritabhari and Wonder Munna share their journey with Instagram

Actress and Public Figure, Ritabhari Chakraborty and popular Bengali Youtuber and Content Creator Indrani Biswas aka Wonder Munna in session discussing Instagram as a platform.

Since ‘Born on Instagram’ is a initiative made to curate and discover content and content creation.

Actress and Public Figure, Ritabhari Chakraborty and popular Bengali Youtuber and Content Creator Indrani Biswas aka Wonder Munna grace the event. And share thier experience and love for the app.

The creators talk about their favorite Instagram features. Were both of them agree on the Question Tag and Poll feature on the Instagram stories. Ritabhari continues stating that Instagram as a platform has made it possible for her to stay connected with her audience. And their reactions on a deeper level due to Instagram. Their opinion on her films and response. All of this has been possible due to Instagram.

She continues saying that “Sometimes I’m Piyali or Farzana or maybe Lolita. But these are all my movie characters. Instagram enable people to know me, Ritabhari Chakraborty and not my characters.”

Youtuber Wonder Munna is alos on the same page as her and expresses that she is her most true forms, herself on Instagram. It helps her in being connected with her audience. It helps her as a creator enabling Collaboration with other people.

She talks about Brand engagement and talks about how Instagram is a platform that enables her to do brand promotions.

Creators from all over West Bengal at Instagram Initiative

Instagram’s ‘Born On Instagarm’ Initiative Video

Famous Content creators and Influencers from West Bengal join the event for the launch of the initiative. Aesthetic areas and backgrounds are created for those #Instagood pictures and Boomerangs. Interactive question answer sessions. And a panel about content creation is also going to take place.

Instagram has always been one of the most popular apps. And as the developers come up with new additions and initiatives, it’s only going to boost more.