Is Balochistan a butcher land for All?

Zahedan - Iran
Zahedan - Iran

A heart burning story received from Balochistan, which has become a killing ground for all concern. People talking about human rights when will wake up to the call of Baloch people. A definite longest-running genocide for 7 decades is on in this part of the world called Balochistan. Please stop killing innocent people restore humanity and freedom. All good intent people help these people to resolute for peace forever.

These time Baloch people complaining about their brothers in Iranian side of the story. Is Baloch people are made to be killed by each and every side they are connected in this world? Justice is delayed and denied for them for long for sure.

Iran Occupied Balochistan, DOZZAAP (Zahedan), 31 May 2020:Alegedly Iranian intelligence agencies(?) opened fire on a family car on Friday, May 29 killing a youth and injuring his parents in Shaston (Saravan) district of Iranian Occupied Balochistan (IOB) as claimed by Balochistan activists from Free Balochistan Movement.

According to details from sources, the Iranian officials stopped and searched the vehicle of Khalid Sephai son of Ashur resident of Jalq village at a checkpoint in Saravan city. However, after the search when he [Khalid] moved his car, the officials opened indiscriminate fire at them killing Khalid’s son on spot and injuring himself and his wife. Eyewitnesses said that the incident happened in the Sinokaan region of Saravan city when the agents of intelligence agencies stopped Khalid’s care, inspected it, and allowed him to move but then opened fire from behind. A source present at the scene said, “After inspecting Khalid’s car, he continued on his way, but the Intelligence officers opened fire on his car from behind, killing his son on the spot and seriously wounding him and his wife.

The wounded have been taken the Razi Hospital in Shaston.” The condition of Khalid and his wife was reported to be critical at the time of filing this news story. Local sources reported that this year, the indiscriminate shooting and the repression of the Baloch people have intensified by non-native Persian police officers. Baloch pro-freedom forces believe that by achieving the right to national sovereignty, the Baloch people can form their own indigenous military and local security forces and live a life of dignity without any fear and insecurity. One of the spokespersons from the freedom fighters group expressed that view to the media.


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