Happy Birthday Dr. P.S. Mukherjee a Cultural warrior of Bengal, a COVID-19 warrior too – A Royal Bengal Tiger in all aspect of Life

Dr Partha Sarathi Mukherjee
Dr Partha Sarathi Mukherjee

We Bengali celebrated legend Hemanta Mukherjee’s 101st birthday with great passion and love listening to his songs and melody throughout the day. The day after is the birthday of another famous “Mukherjee” from Bengal, who needs no introduction among the cultural minds of present Bengal, Dr. Partha Sarathi Mukherjee a renowned medical practitioner equally famous for his activity to restore the cultural side of Bengal. A dedicated warrior during COVID time does not forget to update the latest event of the cultural world in social media. Staying connected with his Social pages is always like you are learning some good things out of your heritage.

A Royal Bengal Tiger in all aspect of service and dedication towards his profession and passion,truly last few left Royal Bengals in Bengali society.

In a  social system where  Mostly  Actors, Performing Artists, Tycoons, Politicians and Leaders generate Celeb Value here was a Brilliant young man, a Doctor, and Lifesaver at the Highest Specialised Level, Who refused to be none of the above and Still generated Star status after His return from the UK  Where he pursued his Glorious career, and then took a Voluntary and Conscious decision to Relocate eight years ago.

Since then, Dr. Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, Trained in Pune, Bangalore, Vellore, London and the US,  An  Acute care Physician and Nephrologist and a Much decorated  Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the UK,  had treated Thousands of people with distinction, often in smaller setups without  Corporate facilities, Some in the periphery as philanthropy, and Some In the Most sophisticated Healthcare facilities alike in India and Abroad. His patient list Included National Level leaders, often at their Homes, Politicians, Intelligentsia,  Actors, Performers, Sportspersons, Common men in Distress, and Even the Poorest of the poor, often unable to even pay him his professional fees. He even took up tedious Journeys to offer Dialysis Facilities to People in Remote areas of Bengal and Tripura Before they had any access to the same.  He saw them all alike, and to date Commands a Same Godlike respect that is very rare to find at his age in the Medical field. ‘ Modern era Agnishwar’, ‘God of Dialysis’, ‘ Star of Real Life’ is what Numerous articles wrote about Him. And it didn’t End Here. At least fifty Motivational Videos, including Youtube platforms, Internet, online ones Feature Him as the main speaker and Awareness Builder on Countless  Medical topics. His Talk shows and Interviews on TV Channels on topics ranging From Dengue to Dialysis, COVID to Swine flu are extensively Watched.

Much More Interesting Were His  Range of activities Beyond Medicine.  An avid Graphologist and Handwriting Researcher in UK, Art and percussion enthusiast and perfume researcher, Partha’s  Work in ‘Universal symmetry’ in the Realm of theoretical physics Earned him the title of a ‘Genius ‘ in college Life and took him to Dr. Raja Ramanna in Bangalore days and Subsequently Dr. Stephen Hawking in Cambridge. A Prized Elocutionist  His poetry Renditions and Clips on Facebook  Were Followed and Loved on social Media often with a followership surpassing Many professional Celeb performers. His small sketches of Kolkata City, His Passionate Love interest,  in simple drawing pens were Loved, applauded from all corners, often from Famous Artists in India and Abroad. His North Calcutta Walks Including as the Convenor of Baghbazar O Rosogolla Utsab where he Conducted Bengal’s first North Calcutta Heritage Quiz with Mayor, MPs, MLAs and Thousands of Common men participating Enthusiastically, as a Passionate North Calcutta and Old Calcutta Heritage and Bengali Renaissance  Enthusiast  Became Oft Narrated Story, Including His Rotary Charter Celebration in One of the Bonedi Bangali Baris – Rosogolla Bhavan, in Bengali attire, on Which a Documentary Followed. Creating the Research Website and Historical Documentation of Kolkata Oldest Bonedi Bari Durga Pujas won him one of the Top awards at Jiyobangla Sharad Samman, Where he Advocated Live Videostream Linking of All major Global Durga pujas, including Probate, Barowari and Bonedi Bari, all alike, in Real-time. His Lecture on ‘Bhasha Dibas Ekushe February’  at the Star Theatre went  Viral on Social Media inspiring Countless Bengalis in Bengali Culture and  Bangaliana.  His idea, of Culturally Crosslinking All Bengalis, Bengal Lovers, Bengali Speakers, and Bengali Organisations on a Global Web Platform, First Spoken in Liverpool 2007 Banga Sammelan, Is now about to Become a Reality. As he Repeatedly pointed out, 30 crore people Speak or understand Bengali all across the World, ahead of Arabs, making it the Worlds Second Largest Cultural Ethnic Community Just after Han Chinese. An unsurpassable orator, every time Dr Mukherjee spoke across Stages, He received Ovations that Would be a Dream to Many.  With This View Dr. Mukherjee Founded the Now Famous BFIC – Bengal Forum for Intellect and Culture, Which is now a Household Cultural platform Online in India and Abroad, across Many Countries of the Globe where Bengalis live and Work, across Multiple Time Zones, Showcasing Bengali Culture, Heritage and Intellect, Connecting Bengalis, Highlighting Bengali Cause and Restoring their past Glory.

Dr Mukherjee had received Many awards. From the Press club Kolkata to the Mayor of Agartala, From ‘Asiatoday Healthcare Professional of the Year’  to Other  Media Houses ‘Doctors Excellence Awards’ from the Governor, From International Magazine houses Nominating   ‘Global Indian Icon’ to ‘Rotary International’ for Medical Community Service and Even as a ‘Socio-Cultural Ambassador’ for Bengal and Invitation to NABC. But his Real  Award lies in his Followers and Patients, who Respect him , Adore Him , and Get Inspired By him In Equal Proportions.  Here finally was a Star in larger life arising Out from the Medical Community. Here Finally was a Bengali icon, Who would passionately take up The Bengali cause rising above Caste , Creed , religion and Politics and Dream of Uniting Bengalis all across the World and Bring back its days of Glory. At least someone Who dared to take a little step in the Right Direction .