Indians ready to take China head-on – Single drop of blood will not go in vain

Indo China Fight
Indo China Fight

China suffered 35 casualties during Galwan region clash with India at eastern Ladakh: Sources citing US intelligence reports

Kolkata, Jun 17, 2020: A uncalled for intrusion from the Chinese Army in the Eastern Ladakh region of India, lead to serious combat between the two largest armies in the world. Indian side lost 20+ brave hearts of the Indian Army by an unprovoked attacks from the Chinese PLA. Indian Army responded with a mighty blow and made it clear that this is not a child’s play.

Galvan region finger 4 to finger 8 has been intruded by China earlier and during the high-level discussion, this intrusion happened. China never expected that India can retaliate with a double blow to their ill-intended intrusion.

The Chinese Army suffered 35 casualties during the violent clash with the Indian military in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley, official sources said on Wednesday quoting US intelligence reports. The figure could be a combination of the total number of soldiers killed and seriously wounded, they added.

The Indian Army on Tuesday said 20 Army personnel, including a colonel, were killed on Monday night in the biggest ever military confrontation between the two armies in over five decades.

There were 35 casualties on the Chinese side, the sources said citing US intelligence reports.

China has not yet talked about the number of casualties suffered by the People’s Liberation Army during the clash.

In India, a strong protest has been raised from people and traders to stop using any Chinese product and retaliate China by wallet. Indians will not help China to purchase bullet for fighting against humanity and that too against India.

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