Setu Vandanam A virtual global music festival inspired by Ustad Rashid Khan


Setu Vandanam A virtual global music festival inspired by Ustad Rashid Khan

Legendary Classical Vocalist Rashid Khan inspired Setu Vandanam TFN VIRTUAL GLOBAL MUSIC FESTIVAL is a Bridge of Prayers, the first ever Conceptualized Digital Show was initiated by Ustad Rashid Khan’s Academy, The Fifth Note Global Centre of Excellence, doing virtual global tour around 5 Countries;UNITED KINGDOM, BANGLADESH, United States of America, CANADA, DUBAI, SAN FRANCISCO.

What began on 1st May 2020 the process shall have its culmination on in the form of a Three days Gala Show 19th June, 20th June and 21st June (the Finale) and it has got three concepts on three days followed with a release of an Album, TUNES OF THE EARTH, with the concept 21 Artists, 21 Mins on 21st June.

Leading this digital Gala Virtual festival is Unmesh Banerjee, Om Bongane, Shakir Khan and Deepak Aurora.

The Fifth Note Global Centre of Excellence (TFN) is basically a finishing school for performers.

Here the traditional teaching method is showcased in a modern way in order to maintain the heritage wealth of Art in an Updated and an expertise way. Keeping the thought process in mind that an Experience Based learning is more effective than a Book Based one, all the Pioneers associated with The Fifth Note, pass on their experiences and groom the performers in an extraordinary way keeping the minute details in mind.

Counselling, Grooming, The Basics to an Advanced Training, Stage, Backstage, Sound, Costume, Lights etc and all the elements involved in making a successful show or to be a great Impresario is taught in the course time. Training given is concentrated in all types of Genres, provided with a strong grip on the basics, according to which the Workshops and the VF classes are held on a regular basis. The Fifth Note is in fact at par with the changing times and uses techniques to reach out to today’s youth, speaking their language and appealing directly.

Also The Fifth Note Global Centre of Excellence based in Kolkata is spreading its wings all over the India and abroad soon and is actually Working Globally in order to make a revolution in the field of creating Performers.

In this process many Artists from all these different countries have come forward and are collaborating in TFN Virtual Global Music Festival. 


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