Black Propaganda against Hyrbyair Marri

Hyrbyair Marri
Hyrbyair Marri

Black Propaganda against Hyrbyair Marri

By Saeed Baloch:

When Hyrbyair Marri came forward to contribute in solving the serious problems of the movement, not only the enemy but also our friends did their best to push Mr. Marri back. It is common knowledge to understand the Pakistan Army propagandas against Hyrbyair, however, but it is often beyond understanding that those who claim to be the struggling for the freedom of Baluchistan also jump in the bandwagon; against Hyrbyair Marri, and support the Pakistani narrative.

A few months ago The Balochistan Times, which is being operated by people associated with Baloch National Movement, published an article in which Sangat Hyrbyair has been described as ‘millionaire and a war profiteer’. The same article was later published in The Balochistan Post as well. This is not the first time that these web portals have tried character assassination of Sangat Hyrbyair and to harm his good reputation.

We often see false accusations – planting, fostering and manipulating information against Sangat Hyrbyair Marri that is being published by The Balochistan Times, Daily Sangar News and The Balochistan Post. The Daily Sangar News in its hatemongering acts went a step beyond and published two fake stories – one news story in name of Jangyz Marri and an article by pseudo name Santosh Kumar.

I have got no interest to get into a blame game but I will express my views about why there is an ongoing smear campaign against Mr. Marri web portals linked with ‘pro-freedom’ political parties who claim to expose Pakistan’s brutalities against Baloch people but between the lines continue their negative propaganda to weaken the Baloch freedom movement.

Hyrbyair Marri is the only pro-freedom Baloch leader whose stance on Balochistan’s freedom has been uncompromising. He has never compromised and changed his stance on Iranian Occupied Balochistan. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why our cunning enemy and naïve friends are on the same page in their smear campaign against him.

Other leaders in Balochistan are not firm in this regard, for instance, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch who initially put the map of United Balochistan on his twitter background, later changed the picture to appease Iran. He also once tweeted against Israel for its alleged human rights violations against Palestine, again it was an attempt to please Iran. His vehement silent on Iranian state terrorism against Baloch people is another example of his unsettled political stand.

In the same way, the leadership of Baloch National Movement including Khalil Baloch does not have a clear stance about Iranian occupied Baluchistan’s liberation. In this connection, Hyrbyair Marri firmly stands his ground. Pakistan and Iran both did their best to weaken Sangat Hyrbyair’s stance by infiltrating their agents and using people from within Baloch pro-freedom forces but they miserably failed. Blaming Mr Marri of being a war profiteer is ridiculous and laughable.

If money and status were the goals for Hyrbyair Marri then he could have easily succeeded in achieving both because he belongs to one of the richest parts of Balochistan – Kohlu which is enriched with oil, gas, coal and other natural resources. In 1997 Mr Marri was elected to Balochistan Provincial Assembly. He could have been elected or even selected many more times because of his privileged family status and would have made billions of rupees.

But instead, he chose the difficult path, that is, to strive for Balochistan’s independence. Nobody has ever done such a thing, neither before him, nor after him – being in power, but still risking everything for his Nation. Nowadays, we see members of the provincial government are being arrested and billions of Rupees are found in their possession. They made this black money while in their official position – the perfect demonstration of Pakistani corruption. It has later become clear and come to our knowledge that Hyrbyair Marri accelerated the work for the independence of Balochistan while he was a minister in Balochistan.

He used his official ministerial vehicles to help and support the Baloch freedom movement. This is one of the many examples of what he has done for Balochistan, while he could have done many things for himself. If he wanted he could have become a multimillionaire by allowing Pakistan to steal Balochistan’s natural resources and ask for his share but he has not allowed Pakistan to even move a stone from his region during his tenure in government.

Mr. Marri was also the first Baloch Minister who strongly opposed Pakistan’s nuclear tests and issued a statement against it even before the tests were conducted. In Addition, Hyrbyair Marri was the youngest minister of the Balochistan Assembly and the holder of a reputable minister-ship, the ministry from which politicians have gathered billions of Rupees. Dr. Malik and many other Ministers in his cabinet have turned a blind eye to Baloch genocide by Pakistan.

Baloch nationalist leader and President of Free Balochistan Movement Hyrbyair Marri
Baloch nationalist leader and President of Free Balochistan Movement Hyrbyair Marri

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