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HCP Forum - Medical Discussion
HCP Forum - Medical Discussion

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1st August, 2020 @ 7 pm onwards

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As the coronavirus pandemic rages relentlessly, we are in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis. But what if I told you that we have a much bigger health problem in our hands?

Do you know which is the number one killer in our country today?

It’s not the coronavirus, but the life style diseases or the so called comorbidities that everyone is talking about. Every 11th Indian is a diabetic, every 7th Indian is a pre-diabetic. For the first time in the history of evolution, the obese population today is more than the normal weight population! Heart disease, cancer, strokes and quite a few more are killing us more than ever before.

This is the real pandemic. The numbers involved here are far, far more than the Covid19 numbers. In fact, as a rough estimate, more than 75 percent of the population is metabolically unwell.

These conditions are also making us more susceptible to this virus. Are you susceptible too? 

Is your health good enough for you to lead a life free of these lifestyle diseases and comorbidities?

Are you as healthy as can be?

Most of the suffering from these conditions are unnecessary and can not only be prevented, but also reversed. Join me as I take you through a journey of understanding of the metabolic conditions and lifestyle diseases and how to deal with them, not through medicines but through lifestyle choices and interventions.

In the words of Yuval Noah Harari, “In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.”

Every Saturday Evening at 7pm. Beginning 25th July. On HCP Forum

HCP Forum - Medical Discussion
HCP Forum – Medical Discussion

*** All are advised to discuss with their medical practitioner/doctor/caregiver before you change anything advised by them. Self-medication is not at all advised or encouraged. IBG NEWS neither support nor deny any views expressed here as a media partner we are happy to share the information for an academic learning point of view. Discuss with your doctor for any action you need to take.***