Abhayraj Gohil Bhavnagar’s youngest CEO sets a milestone

Abhayraj Gohil Bhavnagar’s youngest CEO sets a milestone
Abhayraj Gohil Bhavnagar’s youngest CEO sets a milestone

Abhayraj Gohil Bhavnagar’s youngest CEO sets milestone.

Meet Abhayraj Gohil (Abhayrajsinh Ramdevsinh Gohil) Bhavnagar’s rising entrepreneur.

ShivBuild India Pvt Ltd on rise as Abhayraj Gohil becomes youngest CE0. Bhavnagar based businessman known for his business ethics and lifestyle the owner and CEO of the biggest road construction company in Bhavnagar named ShivBuild India Pvt Ltd. The company having many government contracts in places such as Gujarat, Punjab, Southern India, and build Bhavnagar city’s major highway and city roads.

Other than being a successful young entrepreneur Abhayraj Gohil is highly recognized for living a lavish life influencer, as a lifestyle that primarily incorporates abroad meetings and traveling across various countries for exploring life all around the world.

With various best in class endeavors which Abhayraj is currently working on, he is an inspiration for the young people of Bhavnagar. Abhayraj is a practiced authority at an energetic age. He himself went after various endeavors in his company out of which the most critical one was his underlying 114 crore contract close Bhavnagar.

With significant compensation comes significant expenses and Abhayraj is connected to continuing with the best quality life. Abhayraj doesn’t plan to stop, his best endeavors are yet to come. He is also very connected to showing his lifestyle by means of online systems administration media like Instagram. Other than that, Abhayraj holds excitement for an honorable purpose and endowments.

Also, he has helped and sponsored in excess of above 50 vulnerable workers in Bhavnagar to ensure their safety and travel expenses to make sure they reach their home safely when India was in hard and fast lockdown and the world saw the cruelest time during the pandemic and lockdown.