“EK TOOTA HUA SAPNA” – A tribute of Sushant Singh Rajput

ALIVE INDIA Presents "EK TOOTA HUA SAPNA" - A tribute of Sushant Singh Rajput

What is life?

Such of significant fillings are match the community. If this fillings connect to god, that’s indicate you are fall in deep love; that means you just start a  tournament between beauty of  life and truth of death. When models make an identity, means you are a passenger, a traveller of a journey called life.

Love always a supporter, an inspiration ,a guide also to make our life larger in canvas. Motion always tries to move devotion, destruction and an oscillation in stability. Sushant Singh Rajput not an actor, not only a passionate guy, he tried to make a model of discrete life, larger than life in general. Movement is like a creation of art, like a stairs of life. He was the sweetest song of life that talks of melancholy cry of Bollywood under the carpet. Soulful “believe” not an answer of love…. but, he was not only a reachable actor, but he provide an aura of his passion on and on and on. Which made him the superstar without the paid media managed stardom. He became people’s Mega Star post his depart.  

ALIVE INDIA PRESENT ”  EK TOOTA HUA SAPNA” a tribute of Sushant Singh Rajput…sung by energetic Supratiek Ghosh… justify a nice story line about Sushant’s life..

Suicide is a not answer of frustration… about this song lyricist Utpal das draw a sketch to tribute his life. 

Supratiek justify this song, as music composer Rupendu Basu create a great work.

 ALIVE INDIA with his Musicians going beyond the Borders of State, Language  & Religion as an United Effort & Coming together as ONE With  Hearts beating together as ONE..

Sushant sing Rajput just not a name… he proved life larger then death….

Death larger than suicide or Murder?

@Abhijit Paul