Tribute to Hero’s of India – Did we forget our beloved Shahid Captain Sekhar Ghosh

Tribute to Hero's of India - Did we forget our beloved Shahid Captain Sekhar Ghosh
Tribute to Hero's of India - Did we forget our beloved Shahid Captain Sekhar Ghosh

On 12th August 2000 Captain Sekhar Ghosh was martyred in the Rajouri sector, J&K while combating with terrorists.He left us on this black day Of 2000,20 years have passed and still, the battle continues, only the battlefield and the nature of battle have changed.
Barrackpore figures very prominently in the history of the freedom movement of  India where Mangal Pandey thundered against the tyranny of British rulers in 1857 which finds a place in Indian history as  Sepoy Mutiny. The oldest Army Cantt. Barrackpore is also established here and it is also the birthplace of our very own Captain Sekhar.

Here is a brief about this daring soldier and what happened with him in Rajouri district, Jammu & Kashmir:

Son of Ira Ghosh and Retd. Lt. Col late Sankar Nath Ghosh, Captain Sekhar Ghosh, lovingly called “Sheru” by his family and friends was born on 27th September 1975 in the Command hospital. He spent his childhood in Barrackpore. At that time nobody could even think that one day he will lay down his life at that young age for his Motherland. Always loved to play with toy gun from his childhood this brave Army kid had a smiling face, a big heart with a beautiful soul, helpful and always loved to lend a helping hand to anyone in need with a gentle smile.

He Passed his CBSC XII Board exam in science from Kendriya Vidyalaya in Delhi 1993 and completed his graduation with  English Honours from Ram Lal Anand college under Delhi University in 1996.

From his childhood he always wanted to be an Army guy.He mentioned his wish to become an Army Officer also in his scrapbook. Dr. Mani Das ,Capt.Sekhar Ghosh’s elder sister shared me with a heavy heart.

He joined senior division NCC during his school days in August,1993.He was decorated with DGNCC’s commendation card in 1995 for his excellent performance in NCC as a cadet.

He was a solid shooter and achieved lots of medals at National Level Shooting competitions. Participated in the 38th National Championship held at Kanpur in 1994 and obtained silver medal.In the 12th Delhi State Level Shooting Championship, 1996 he obtained silver medal in 22 open sight STD rifle and gold medal in Air rifle open sight for

Captain. Sekhar Ghosh   always nursed the idea of joining the armed forces and ultimately translated his dream into reality.  He got into the Army through Indian Military Academy(IMA),Dehradun and was commissioned into Army Service Corps,2 Sikh of the famed Sikh Regiment, one of the oldest regiments known for its intrepid soldiers and numerous battle honours. As his first assignment after commissioning, Captain Sekhar  Ghosh posted to the unit which was deployed in J &K and got involved in the counter Insurgency operations. 

 He joined the Army as a permanent Commissioned officer on 6th December,1997, took part in multiple operations during his service covering little over 2 & 1/2 years and was highly successful in insurgency operations against terrorists .

Captain  Sekhar Ghosh was awarded “the Best young Officers’ Trophy in 1999 for his overall performance in the formation  and was decorated with COAS Commendation card on 26 Jan,2000 for his gallantry in the past two years in eleminating a large number of terrorists.


Tribute to Hero's of India - Did we forget our beloved Shahid Captain Sekhar Ghosh
Tribute to Hero’s of India – Did we forget our beloved Shahid Captain Sekhar Ghosh

What happened on 11th & 12th August, 2000 in Rajouri sector, J& K:

On 11th August 2000,Captain  Sekhar Ghosh was spearheading troops in an operation in Namblan forest of Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir. At 11 30 hours , as his team was closing in, it came under effective fire from a Pika gun of well entrenched terrorist.Seeing his troops injured and pinned down,Captain Sekhar Ghosh personally fired a salvo from a Rocket Launcher,eliminating the terrorist  and extrancted his endangered comrades.At 1700 hours,displaying audacious initiative he manoeuvred perilously close to a hideout and shot dead another terrorist. 

On 12 th August,  at 06 30 hours ,one of the entrapped terrorists came out of his hideout firing indiscriminately. Seeing his comrades in danger he broke cover and with utter disregard to personal safety, charged at the terrorist.

Thus Captain Sekhar Ghosh, died in an encounter with the militants in Rajouri sector. … However, before succumbing to a direct hit in the forehead from an automatic weapon, the brave officer was successful in killing all the seven militants.

The young gun, Captain Sekhar exhibited bravery, valour and made the supreme sacrifice in the highest traditions of Indian Army in fighting the terrorists.

Captain  Sekhar Ghosh (IC-57589N), Army Service Corps, 2 Sikh unit was awarded Shaurya Chakra  (Posthumous) for his courage, unyielding fighting spirit, and supreme sacrifice. Army bugle played the Last Post as the body of Captain Sekhar Ghosh was cremated with full military honors at  Rashmoni Ghat crematorium, in Barrackpore, on the northern fringes of Kolkata. The 7 body was brought in an Army truck to Ghosh’s residence at Jai Hind Palli.  Braving a steady drizzle, hundreds of people, mostly youth, gathered at the historic crematorium since morning to pay their last respects to the 25-year-old hero.
For me #Capt Sekhar Ghosh, Shaurya Chakra
I never met him but  I am always thrilled whenever I remember him. Capt. Sekhar Ghosh, who laid down his life in the gallant fight in Rajouri, J &K about two decades back for the safety and security of our nation only at the age of 25. Both of us are the residents of the Barrackpore subdivision and almost of the same age group.  
My heartfelt tribute for the Brave & Valiant soldier who made the Supreme Sacrifice in the Insurgency operations.
Captain Sekhar, you are the pride of Bengal and the glory of India. This daredevil young gun is the role model of young Bengalees.

Photo Credit :Dr.Mani Das , elder sister of late Captain. Sekhar Ghosh,SC..Our Braveheart with inputs from Indian Army.

Pratyusha Mukherjee
Pratyusha Mukherjee

By Ms. Pratyusha Mukherjee, an active Journalist working for BBC and other media outlets, also a special contributor to IBG News & IBG NEWS BANGLA. In her illustrated career she has covered many major events.