Baloch people greets India Independence Day

Balochistan wishes India on 74th Independence Day with Netaji as main leader of India
Balochistan wishes India on 74th Independence Day with Netaji as main leader of India

Baloch people greets India Independence Day Occupied Balochistan:

Special report by IBG’s Balochistan correspondent. The people of occupied Balochistan on 15 August overwhelmingly wish #IndiaIndependenceDay by posting posters, greeting cards, and video messages on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube.

The ordinary people and representatives of the Free Balochistan Movement, Baloch Republican Party, and other groups sent their warm wishes to 1.3 billion Indian people. On 11 August Balochistan people celebrated their independence day when in 1947 they got independence from British Raj later unfortunately the fanatic state of Pakistan invaded their sovereign state and made them slaves.

Since then Baloch had been resisting to regain their independence. Every Year on 14 August Baloch patriots protect against Pakistan’s war crimes in occupied Balochistan. It is interesting to know that on Pakistan’s so-called independence day people from many provinces of Afghanistan joined the people of Balochistan to mark 14 August as black day because Free Balochistan Movement urged people to mark it as a black day.

Regional dynamics are changing very rapidly and Balochistan is becoming the center point of global attention. China, Iran, and Pakistan join hands, that is a challenging task for India, USA but if Delhi and Washington approach the Balochistan freedom movement, that will be far easy to tackle China’s threats.

The historical love, respect, and closeness of Baloch people towards India are evident that time has come for the World leaders especially Indian authorities to hold the hands of Balochistan and her people like a true friend, which is extremely rich in minerals and has two strategically important ports of Chabahar and Gawadar which can be given be access by India, the USA to thwart threats posed by Iran and Pakistan. Baloch people are standing with global peace-loving people and so as India at this difficult time and they expect very encouraging steps by the Modi government to work on common issues that are a threat to regional peace.

We are living in a global village and this connectivity bringing these two incident nations closer to each other. Baloch people will love to chant Jai Hind Jai Balochistan as a symbol of love and respect to two great ancient civilizations of the world.

Maru Tirtha Hinglarj the holy mother Temple of Devi Saati at Hingol National Park, Road، Asha Pura, Las Bela,one of the famous Peeth of Saati Mata falls under Balochistan can be a major place for cultural bonding of the two nation too.

Balochistan wishes India on 74th Independence Day
Balochistan wishes India on 74th Independence Day